If your culture is not serving you, it’s time to do something about it. Take the example of HP Inc., a global technology company headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, which began when Hewlett-Packard Co. split into HP Inc. and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise on November 1, 2015. Say “thank you” as if you mean it even though something might not be in your taste. New tools are enabling companies to monitor engagement on a detailed, real-time basis, delivering specific, actionable information to continuously improve the work environment. This will allow you to be more sensitive to other cultures. Steve Henn, “How the architect of Netflix’s innovative culture lost her job to the system,” Planet Money, NPR, September 3, 2015, www.npr.org/2015/09/03/437291792/how-the-architect-of-netflixs-innovative-culture-lost-her-job-to-the-system. ‍I know this all might sound overwhelming to you. Culture affects how we think and how we act as individuals on our job. A strong corporate culture that is compatible with the environment will drive better financial results compared with a weaker corporate culture. It can affect a company’s analysis and decision on how best to enter a new market. The impact of company culture extends far beyond the happiness of employees. Such values affect how you think and act and, more importantly, the kind of criteria by which you judge others. How does culture affect organizational change? The findings from this multifaceted analysis has enabled HP’s top sales leaders to make “culture commitments” at their global sales meeting in an effort to begin to transform the company’s sales culture.13. In short, leaders must understand that their beliefs and actions are the primary drivers of the organization’s culture. You should be well-groomed. Culture can determine success or failure during times of change: Mergers, acquisitions, growth, and product cycles can either succeed or fail depending on the alignment of culture with the business’s direction. Patty McCord, “How Netflix reinvented HR,”, Emily Glazer and Christina Rexrode, “What banks are doing to improve their culture,”. He is specialised in Leadership & Organisational Development and Talent & HR Strategy, working in business transformation contexts. You probably have heard the expression that “… when in Rome, do like the Romans do.”‍. If you have business cards in dual languages, you should pass them out with the appropriate language on top. Few factors contribute more to business success than culture—the system of values, beliefs, and behaviors that shape how real work gets done within an organization. Marc Kaplan, To compare the internal view—that of eBay’s employees—with an external view, the analysts also conduct both thematic and natural-language analysis on news articles and Glassdoor content, to gain a data-driven understanding of the ways that people discuss eBay’s culture in the open market. If your business is in a multicultural environment, understanding differences in culture will help you better deal with and motivate your business associates and employees. Spanish speakers view negotiation as the means to have a contract, while in some Asian countries, negotiations are taken as the way to build stronger and firmer business r… Margarita Constantinides (senior director of talent analytics, eBay), interview with Ben Dollar, December 28, 2015. It also impacts the functional areas of marketing, sales, and distribution. A new industry of culture assessment tools has emerged, enabling companies to diagnose their culture using a variety of well-established models.6 Yet despite the prevalence of these tools, fewer than 12 percent of companies believe they truly understand their culture.7 That’s where HR can help. We need to minimize the possibility of cross-cultural misunderstandings so we can benefit from our differences. A Rich Company Culture Leads to Innovation. Let’s look at some significant areas: When you work in an environment that involves others from various cultures, you need to be aware of your own culture in terms of each of these areas. the situation or problem, etc.) They may be placed on a Board of Directors or have a position in the company even though they may have formally retired. Culture is heralded as one of the most important factors for a business’ long-term success -- second to the overall business model, of course. The effects of organizational culture are many and varied. Culture includes all the behaviors that may or may not improve business performance. Today, new tools can help leaders measure and manage culture toward alignment with business goals. Why? In the case of social drinking with business associates, and if a drink is offered, then it is probably acceptable to have a drink. Physical contact like “touching” is viewed differently in other countries, as well. In a study about the cultural sensitivity and how it affects business relationship with special reference to exports (Alteren, G. 2007) it was confirmed that … This includes such topics as religion, politics, or sexual matters. In an era in which bad news travels instantaneously and an organization’s culture is both transparent and directly tied to its employment brand, great companies consciously cultivate and manage their culture, turning it into a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
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