Sidney Shurcliff documented the trip with films and his book JUNGLE ISLANDS.”. She is available for interior, lifestyle, and travel commissions throughout Boston, New England, and … The inner workings of the wind indicator in Cornelius’ bedroom. Draperies are made from the same fabric pattern and colorway that was originally used in this room, which is a 1924 Hollyhock pattern by English firm Lee Jofa. During the 1940s, Mrs. Crane decided the pool was a safety hazard, and had it filled with soil. Detail of Living Room floor: birch boards, connected with teak butterfly keys. Crane, who’d been born poor, and in New Jersey, had gone west to make his fortune. Image courtesy of CRANE: 150 YEARS TOGETHER, published by the Crane Company. Copyright 2014. Here are some photos taken in the Village, during my August 25th visit. Per the Trustees’ design notes: “The most distinctive sculptures associated with the property are the pair of lead griffins that watch over the north terrace. This is the southwest facing, front entry side of the Original Italian Villa, in 1912. This area, to the right of the Reception Foyer, is now the Ladies Bathroom. Detail of entrance to one of the pavilions of the Casino Complex, where statues of Bacchus are ready to welcome merrymakers. Quite a mind-boggling Garden Chore…. And for those who simply wish to experience the magical aura created for Castle Hill’s impossibly-affluent former occupants, nothing can beat taking a stroll outside, up and down and along the undulating lawns of the Grand Allee’s half mile path to the Ocean…which we’ll soon do. Juliana B wrote a review Dec 2020. Halfway along the second floor’s main hallway is a large, light-filled sitting room, which overlooks the Grand Allee, and the Atlantic Ocean. Ogden Codman Junior was then assigned the task of remodeling the unsatisfactory house. In 2007, Alan Pearsall completed his painted History of Ipswich, which covers two sides of the old mill building complex. The gorgeous underpinnings of Mr. Crane’s bathroom sink. During the Cranes’ tenure–and despite the Italian style of the garden’s structure–the annuals and perennials that were grown here were traditional American favorites (larkspur, Canterbury bells, Madonna lilies), but limited to those plants whose flower colors would cooperate with Mrs. Crane’s scheme of white, blue and pink. As we proceed beyond the Casino Complex, and climb the slope of another hill, we briefly turn backwards, for this view. Every unpaneled wall in the house is painted or glazed in custom-mixed colors: with blues, tans, creams, greens, or yellows. The delicate chandelier in Mrs. Crane’s dressing room, Small table in Mrs. Crane’s dressing room, The Dressing Room opens on one side to Mrs. Crane’s bedroom: the space that my nephew Leo rightly called “Cozy!” More now, from the Trustees’ design notes: “The English deal (pine) paneling for Mrs.Crane’s bedroom is from the [18th century] London townhouse, and appears to have been glaze-painted to give a ‘pickled pine’ effect. On this day, the weather’s moodiness seemed to suit the estate, which has such a sense of history, romance, and even mystery. She then scampered down the path, toward Ipswich Harbor. The ruins of the Rose Garden, which is now closed to visitors. Vintage photo of the Real Thing: ILLYRIA, circa 1928. Shurcliff is most famous for his role as Chief Landscape Architect for the restoration and recreation of the gardens, landscape, and town planning of Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. View of the Allee, from the north lawn of the Great House, Statues guarding the east edge of the Allee, We’re a bit farther along, on the upper-most stretch of the Allee. On August 16th, my nephew Leo Quick accompanied me, and on August 25th my design-colleague Holly Alderman rode shotgun. One, last look at Grinling Gibbons’ carvings. This son was clearly a worthy successor to his father. And because of his wife Florence Higinbotham Crane’s extraordinary bequest of the Estate to the Trustees of Reservations, those of us who are nourished by beauty…and by fresh, ocean air…can return, again and again, to spend long days marveling over, and learning from, the treasures at Castle Hill. Egad…this Butler’s life was NOT simple. Image courtesy of the Massachusetts Historical Society. Ian Crane Estate Agents are pleased to offer for sale an extended semi detached house in a popular residential location conveniently located for the motorway networks of the M57 and M58. After being joined by his brother Charles, Richard Crane decided to expand their product line to include a wide array of brass goods that they’d manufacture: locomotive parts, wrought iron pipe, fittings, valves, and steam-warming equipment. Three other souls approached the Great House, during my first visit, on August 12th. The House was begun in 1546, and, over the years, extensive additions followed. Mrs. Florence Crane’s father was the President of the World’s Columbian Exposition, which was held in Chicago from 1892–1893. Florence’s second try at matrimony was more successful: in 1943 she wed White Russian Prince Serge Belosselsky-Belozersky, and they had two daughters, both of whom maintain homes in Ipswich. In none of the Great House’s rooms do those decorative elements feel as if they’ve been tacked on, or forcibly squeezed into place. Vintage photo of the Crane Beach Picnic, circa 1911. After I’d acquainted myself with the discreet charms of Ipswich Village, I followed Argilla Road, a winding country lane which led me past a tree-lined river, and then across rolling farmlands, and finally through marshlands abloom with goldenrod and purple loosestrife (a beautiful but thuggish wildflower). Cornelius Crane, in 1911, on Crane Beach. Only after one learns about the ambitions and achievements of R.T.Crane Junior can one make sense of the intense manner in which he approached the creation, and then the re-creation, of his vacation retreat at Castle Hill. Using an outdated browser makes your computer unsafe. The exclusive use of The Great House is the perfect venue for your dream day. She is available for interior, lifestyle, and travel commissions throughout Boston, New England, and … The day was SO perfect that this absence of crowds surprised me. This is the view from the private sitting room, out to the east lawn. These names are noted on keys that lived in the Butler’s key cabinet downstairs. The oculus is faithful in concept, geometry and perspective, but the figures here are members of the Crane family and staff, along with their Siamese cat. The Gallery connects the east and west wings of the Great House. 12-Oak Guest Room. We’re by the west side of the Great House, about to start down this steep path, which leads to the Formal Italian Garden. The FIRST FLOOR ROOMS. Here, we’re pausing at a point that’s just above the Casino balustrade. After a couple of summers there, and still unable to mollify her, Richard promised his wife that if, after 10 MORE summers, she still loathed her Italian Villa (her claim that the building was cold and drafty seems strange, given the perfect climate of Ipswich in the summertime), he would duly tear down the offending house and begin again. It seems fitting that when Updike’s 1984 novel THE WITCHES OF EASTWICK was transformed into the 1987 film of the same name, the primary exterior location shots were done on the grounds of the Crane Estate (a smidgen more about this too, in a while…). On August 25th, when Holly Alderman accompanied me to Castle Hill, she agreed with me about the magical ambience of this little garden room. I also reminded myself that, during the Crane family’s tenure, the slope below the Rose Garden was bare of undergrowth, which allowed a wide vista of Ipswich Harbor. The exterior elevations of Adler’s Great House also reference English country homes. Image courtesy of the Trustees of Reservations, Archives & Research Center. Up until the moment he died in 1912, Richard Teller Crane had worked incessantly, and he’d trained his two sons—Charles Richard, his eldest; and Richard Teller Junior, his youngest—to succeed him. I took this photo on August 12, 2014. Here’s what the Trustees have to say about the garden: “Designed by Arthur Shurcliff, this sunken garden ‘room’ lies across the road from the gates of the Formal or Italian Garden. Sadly -–but sensibly, from a safety standpoint– the roof deck isn’t open to folks who take Great House tours. Upon his death, his eldest brother Charles, over whom he’d once prevailed, published this tribute: Charles Crane’s tribute to his brother. A series of low stone benches placed here on the promontory would quietly punctuate the Allee’s termination, and would also provide a welcome resting spot. The Crane Estate 17-Family Sitting Room. My Fletcher Steele piece drew the attention of the Trustees of Reservations, who own Naumkeag, and their Public Relations Director Kristi Perry asked if I’d consider visiting the Crane Estate, one of the finest homes from America’s Country Place Era, and another of the Trustees’ cherished properties. Sylvania Sally, of the Sylvania Paint Shop: a business that occupied part of the former Ipswich Hosiery Mills. Mr.Crane and his two children were avid sailors. Pedestrian bridge across the Ipswich River, leading to the new River Walk, and the old mill buildings. My first glimpse of the Dining Room, as seen from the Great House Stair Hall. In the future, I hope that the Trustees will reinstall some sort of large water feature at the center of this space. The Rotunda is a circular hallway which leads to the Library, former Guest quarters (not open to the Public), and also to the Living Room (a space that’s now used as a Ballroom). By the end of 2012, 7000 vigorous new spruces and pines had been planted. Left to right: Richard Teller Crane Junior, Cornelius Crane, Miss Florence Crane, Mrs. Florence H. Crane. To my eyes, one of the impressive aspects of the interiors of the Crane home is the graceful way in which Adler reused what had to have been ship-loads of superb and sometimes irreplaceable pieces of British woodcarving and paneling and stonework. 3-Library. The Trustees ( ) have been at their business of saving properties of scenic, historic and ecological value for quite a while: established in 1890, they’re the oldest land preservation organization in America. Vintage aerial photo of Castle Hill. Map of the Northeast Massachusetts holdings of the Trustees of Reservations. This was a ROSE GARDEN—par excellence—with 600 varieties of roses that were planted by the woman who eventually wrote THE book on rose cultivation. One look at the space, and I was in LOVE. The firstborn, Charles, believed it was his natural right of succession to take over the leadership of the Company, while R.T.Crane Junior believed he was better able to manage it.”, “Although the Crane brothers had succeeded in building one of the most modern factories in the U.S” which was known as the Great Works…. As I prepared to tiptoe out of the Rose Garden, I took one last look at its graceful curves, which are enhanced by the well-mown lawn. Photo of a dapper Cornelius, and the captain of ILLYRIA. For a safer, faster, more enjoyable user experience, please update your browser today or try a newer browser. The Grand Allee, designed by Arthur Shurcliff, has been installed. Because the Crane family lived in Ipswich for only 6 weeks of every summer, Cornelius had little opportunity to meet local playmates. I recently photographed Hillary and Stuart’s Castle Hill Crane Estate wedding in Ipswich, Mass. Near to the Safe’s door in the Stair Hall, a small wind indicator is installed. Read reviews and contact The Crane Estate directly on The Knot. Before we pass through the front door and into the Great House, you may recall my mention of the local excitement generated by the HOUSES that Crane built. Crane, born Florence Higinbotham, was from a prominent Chicago family. Required fields are marked *. “With their factories at Trenton, NJ, and Chattanooga, TN, the Crane Company began manufacturing their own line of ‘sanitary ware.’ Designers were brought in to create custom-made, colorful, innovative, and distinctive bathroom ensembles that were completely different from the drab, uniformly-designed models currently on the market. And of course, no proper adventurer can set to sea without also outfitting his ship’s mess with custom-designed China! Yes, the English country manor that greets today’s visitors is the Crane-House, Beta-Edition. Castle Hill deserves to be seen: by all those who love gardens, interior design, architecture, and history! And until the 1970s (when The Crane Company got out of the “sanitary ware” business), the CRANE logo appeared upon the bathroom fixtures of many well-appointed American homes. Note the obelisks and entry drive balustrades, which are still intact, today. Dining Room’s fireplace carving, in profile. And last but not least, we visit Mrs. Florence Crane’s suite, with its dressing room, bedroom, and—Taa-Daa— bathroom, which is my favorite space in her 59-room summer home. Shower stall is to the left of the tub, and a toilet cubicle is to the right. Your email address will not be published. In 2012, to celebrate the completion of their renovation of Castle Hill’s Grand Allee, the Trustees of Reservations published a booklet: A GRAND UNDERTAKING—THE GRAND ALLEE AT CASTLE HILL ON THE CRANE ESTATE. Written by Laurie O’Reilly and April Austin, A GRAND UNDERTAKING provides a good summary of Shurcliff’s design. Adjacent to the reproduction of the very modest First Period house is the Whipple House, which the Ipswich Historical Society considers the crown jewel of their historic house collection. Detail of Oak Guest Room’s fireplace surround. Happily, during the Parke-Bernet auction, only the family’s furniture and works of art were sold. Per the Trustees: “Paint analysis showed this taupe on taupe glazed finish, a complicated treatment on the ornamental woodwork. We’ll next walk the length of the The Gallery, toward the western end of the Great House. Crane Interiors, Swanscombe, UNIT 1, GALLEY HILL INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, LONDON ROAD, Crane Interiors provides a complete professional service to its customers, from design to completion. As the Trustees recount, “Mrs. A view from Florence’s bedroom, toward Ipswich Harbor. Detail of Lydia Field Emmet’s portrait of Cornelius and Florence Crane…who were indeed very pretty children. While other estates of the so-called Country Place Era boasted similar features, none approaches the size or scale of that at the Crane Estate.”. For their second attempt at summer-home-making, the Cranes hired Chicago architect David Adler. But when it came to Olmsted Brothers’ proposal for the area next to the north terrace and lawn, Mrs. Florence Crane balked. 2-Rotunda. Landscape architect Arthur Shurcliff (born 1865, died 1957) established Harvard’s School of Landscape Design in 1900; this was the first school of its kind in the world. This is what inspired Abram Poole: Andrea Mantegna’s peerless ceiling painting, at the palace of the D’Este family, in Mantua, Italy. View from Cornelius’ bedroom, toward Crane Beach. View inland, toward the northwest, with the entry court directly below, and the parking lawn in the distance. The blue-leather tub chair and the desk are original to the room.”. For so much of this summer the weather has been raining and gray. 16-Mrs.Florence Crane’s bedroom suite. Image courtesy of the Trustees of Reservations, Archives & Research Center. Image courtesy of CRANE: 150 YEARS TOGETHER, published by the Crane Company. So that her new, improved summer home would feel in harmony with its beautiful setting, Mrs. Crane and David Adler worked out a disciplined decorative palette. Modern-day concrete mixes, which are less crumble-prone, may eventually be used to replicate the failing pieces of the Rose Garden. At one end of Cornelius’ tub is a shower stall. The major galas include: Summer Picnic Concert Series; Roaring Twenties Lawn Party; Annual Crane Estate Art Show; Greening of the Great House. Image courtesy of the Trustees of Reservations, Archives & Research Center. 14-Chinese Guest Room. The outbreak of the Civil War in 1861 proved to be another major turning point for the business, which was now named R.T.Crane & Brother. 5-Reception Foyer. Once again, while the rest of Massachusetts boomed, Ipswich slept. View from the Butler’s sitting room, to the front entry drive. Inner hallway of daughter Florence Crane’s bedroom suite. The Gallery, looking toward the Great House’s Stair Hall, and the Dining Room wing. The large window in Mrs. Crane’s bathroom has a view over the front entry court. Per usual, life intervened, my much-farther-afield wanderings continued, and nearly a year passed after Kristi’s overture to me. On each of those three August visits, the weather was the stuff of which summer postcards are made : sunny, dry, warm and breezy. Vintage photo of the Dining Room, as it looked from 1928 until 1949. The Barn at The Crane Estate is available to book for a limited number of dates each year. Her methods were the result of years of trial and error in her own garden, where she cultivated nearly 10,000 varieties of roses. Grinling Gibbons’ carvings crown—and rather outshine—a portrait of Lady Emma Anderton (which is actually OK, since Emma was simply a purchased portrait, and not a relative of the Crane family). The chandelier is original to the space, as are the Regency sconces with eagles on the second floor landing.”, View upwards, from the first floor of the Stair Hall. Across the main hallway from the door to Mrs. Crane’s dressing room is the Chinese Guest Room. You can tell the staff truly care about being caretakers & stewards - true. Image courtesy of the Trustees of Reservations, Archives & Research Center. Jan 10, 2013 - Joyelle West is a Boston interior, lifestyle, travel, commercial, and editorial photographer. Photo of Florence, at her first wedding, in 1933. Detail of tile wall in daughter Florence’s bathroom, Florence’s very narrow bathtub. The Living Room has windows on three sides: facing south, east, and north. Remember, this was a man who had overseen the construction of an innovative factory complex which covered 160 acres; merely replacing one manor house could hardly be daunting, compared to the magnitude and complexity of expanding the Crane-industrial-empire. This first glimpse of the Great House caused both to exclaim something on the order of “we’re not in New England anymore, “ to which I replied, “Nope….more like we’ve gotten to England Proper, somehow…”, First glimpse of the Great House, from the Parking Lawn at Castle Hill. Paint colors and glaze treatments have been restored; furnishings have been purchased or reproduced to scale; and fabric colors reintroduced. The cover of the Crane Estate’s brochure. Griffins are mythological beasts— Throughout the year, many special events are open to the Public. The Elms, also in Newport, was begun in 1888 and finished in 1892. Since I’m loathe to rewrite histories that have already been well-told, here’s an excerpt from O’Reilly and Austin’s report: “He suggested a Mall—a grassy expanse bordered by trees. Boston’s Olmsted Brothers were simultaneously engaged to plan gardens which would harmonize with the Italian Villa, and, in 1912, an Italian Formal Garden was completed, to the west of the House. Heard House, circa 1940. This is the only “garden ornament” at the Ocean End of the Allee: a tiny Geodetic Survey Marker…which is rather an anti-climax after Arthur Shurcliff’s masterfully-orchestrated, half-mile-long swath of green. Our businesses are all known for proprietary and differentiated technology, quality and reliability, deep vertical expertise, and responsiveness to unique customer needs. The Barn at The Crane Estate. Fee for Guided Tours of the Great House: $7.00 for members of the Trustees of Reservations; and $12.00 for non-members. Along the approach drive, I screeched to a halt to admire this jaw-dropping vista. Leo and I retraced the half-mile, back toward the Great House, and then headed west across a field, where we encountered Other Humans. A gigantic Crane Company Valve. Motorboats zip across the Bay, toward the Atlantic. This intimate ante-room is one of my favorite parts of the Crane Estate. Richard Teller Crane Junior worked hard, so hard that he exhausted himself into a early grave. Mrs. Crane’s tub: the green and gray color scheme is divine. Settle yourself into a comfortable chair and I’ll tell you a meandering tale about how and why my fascination with the Crane Estate began. These period rooms fit in with Mr.Adler’s By the 1870s, Richard Teller Crane had invented multi-purpose machines and conveyor systems for moving molds and pouring metal, which facilitated the birth of line production in foundries. PO Box 459, 200 Alexander Dr, Woodbury TN 37190 . The Inn at Castle Hill on the Crane Estate, Ipswich Picture: Interior - Check out Tripadvisor members' 1,525 candid photos and videos. Using wood salvaged from the lumber mill that an uncle owned, Crane set up shop in a 14 by 24 foot shack he himself had hammered together. Detail of tiled wall in Cornelius’ bathroom. Another view from inside the Rose Garden, toward the Pergola of the Italian Garden. Poole’s efforts are those of a raw student, as he strives to emulate a Master. Turning away from memories of Jack’s banquet, we continue our trek toward the Ocean, but the Atlantic has become invisible, thanks to Arthur Shurcliff’s control of our Allee views. The historic Italian style barn, boasts terra cotta walls, post and beam interior, wood floors and a green tiled roof. I understood why, a bit more than 100 years ago, the Crane family, who hailed from Chicago, had chosen to build their summer retreat here, amid this quintessentially New England scenery. The painting was done is 1914, by Lydia Field Emmet, who maintained studios in New York City, and in Stockbridge, MA. Yes, at this point I’d thrown all dignity to the winds, as I crawled on the floor, to do my photo-taking. The Trustees describe the Sitting Room as an “English-style room which boasts the most elaborate woodwork from the London townhouse. I look forward to the day when the Italian Garden’s fountain is again spraying water into a filled pool. Architecture. Terraces and balustrades with complementary, Palladian lines were erected to surround the Great House. Here’s the link: And many smaller events also occur, all year. The ladies of the house had no showers, and had to make do with tub-soaks. R.T.Crane’s Founder’s Statement. Creature comforts such as bathrooms, and overstuffed club chairs and sofas were among the few modern features of the house.”, The Apricot Guest Room is not open to visitors taking tours of the Great House. Now, onward to Mrs. Crane’s jewel-like private bath, which the Trustees’ design notes describe: this “elegant bathroom features a green marble tub area with matching faux-marble-painted woodwork and a patterned green-marble tiled floor. Writing about the Cranes–whose name is synonymous with bathrooms–does make one begin to obsess about proper facilities, as you’ll soon see…] Prior to the American Revolution, Ipswich was one of the major Atlantic seaports in the northeast, but, as ships became larger, its shallow river, which empties into Ipswich Bay and Plum Island Sound, could no longer accommodate those vessels. As we inspect the most significant areas of the 59-room home that Adler designed for the Crane family, you’ll see that, despite its grandeur, the house is actually quite welcoming and comfortable, something my nephew Leo Quick immediately sensed: upon entering Mrs. Florence Crane’s bedroom, he grinned and exclaimed, “this room is COZY!”. On August 25th, I returned to take more photos of Mrs. Crane’s bathroom. …and everybody who was Anybody had to sit for John Singer Sargent. Residential real estate developers, AirBnB hosts, landlords, boutique hotels, and B&B tastemakers, Hudson & Crane is the Interior Design Firm in Washington … But even that burst of vitality was eventually siphoned off by Lawrence and Lowell: nearby cities where the factories along the Merrimack River were larger, and more numerous. The Apricot Guest Room’s bathroom. …and crane our necks (of course we Crane) for a better look at the Stair Hall’s chandelier, which is original to the House. Much of the concrete poured in America during the early part of the 20th century is deteriorating, due to a condition known as Alkalai-Silica-Reactivity. Poole continues to reference Mantegna by including a peacock: a traditional symbol for Juno, the goddess who presides over marriage and childbirth. Vintage photo of the Library’s bay window, which overlooks the Grand Allee. Oct 11, 2018 - The Crane Estate is a Reception Venue in Ipswich, MA. In this view, we’re looking toward the east wing of the House, which holds the Rotunda, Living Room, and Library. Now the headquarters of the Ipswich Historical Society The inner hedge was Norway spruce, sheared to a height of 12 to 15 feet to provide a green-curtained backdrop to classical sculpture. Each child had an entire wing of the house, which contained a series of rooms with outside exposures on three sides; their summers at Castle Hill were clearly meant to be all about enjoying fresh ocean breezes, and drop dead views. Like the Crane Estate, both Brown Cottage and Choate Island were donated to The Trustees of Reservation. This is the Best Bathroom Detail of them all. Pilar Garro, on the rooftop of Castle Hill’s Great House. A light surface cleaning was completed in Apirl 1997. R.T.Junior made the higher bid, Charles accepted it, and agreed to step down in the summer of 1914.”. Per the Trustees’ design notes about his bedroom: “Paint analysis revealed the sky/sea/sand color scheme from the ceiling down, which may have been inspired by just looking out the window. A rather jittery marble pattern on the walls of Mr. Crane’s bathroom….NOT relaxing (but perhaps never truly relaxing was the key to his productivity?). Detail of transom over the door to The Gallery, with more of Poole’s murals on the walls. “ ‘It is my hope,’ R.T.Crane wrote to his sons in a letter that accompanied his will ‘that they will continue the work I have started.’ He urged his oldest son, A sexy sink counter leg, and a heated towel rack. Image courtesy of the Trustees of Reservations, Archives & Research Center. The Inn at Castle Hill on the Crane Estate, Ipswich Picture: Interior - Check out Tripadvisor members' 1,531 candid photos and videos. Tours are given seasonally, so visitors should check with the Crane Estate beforehand, for details about open days, and tour times. Even the corners of the tub alcove have precisely-matched marble patterns. Image courtesy of CRANE: 150 YEARS TOGETHER, published by the Crane Company. The silver-plated fixtures! Fortunately, during my first visit to Castle Hill, Pilar Garro DID guide me up to the Great House’s wonderful aerie…. He died in 1931, on his 58th birthday, and was much mourned by the Company he’d nurtured and expanded. Ivy cascades over the concave swoops of the wallthat encircles most of the Rose Garden. Sited on the crest of Crane Estate’s Castle Hill, wedding ceremonies at The Great House take place on the lawn overlooking the half-mile-long Grand Allée with sweeping views to the ocean. Having once had the great privilege standing nose-close to Mantegna’s murals in Mantua, I must say that Poole’s paintings suffer in comparison. Detail of marble sink counter in what is now used as the Ladies Bathroom. Architect David Adler had an equally-talented sister. Across the street are urns which mark the pathway that leads further downhill, to the Rose Garden. The Crane Estate, a property of the trustees of reservations, encompasses over 2,100 acres overlooking Crane Beach, Crane wildlife refuge, and winding salt marshes. Detail of The Gallery’s Clock. Two private lawns overlooking the Atlantic provide the perfect spot for a reception to remember. On August 12th, as I drove toward the North Shore of Massachusetts, I had no inkling that the day’s explorations would merely whet my appetite; that I’d soon become a frequent commuter to Castle Hill, instead of a one-time visitor…. My August 12th view from the Roof Deck, toward the northeast: to Ipswich Harbor (on the left), and out to the Atlantic Ocean. For […] And so we complete our tour of the interior of the Cranes’ Great House with this reminder that each and every person who participated in its creation clearly did so with a measure of passion and pride. English country house design scheme and served as an elegant setting for the Cranes’ growing collection of 18th century English and American furnishings.”, “The original circa-1732 painted oak and pine staircase did not fit the larger scale of the Adler house, so this reproduction [of the Soho townhouse’s staircase] was made incorporating all the same intricate carvings, twisted shafts and Corinthian column newels at each landing. Following now are tidbits gleaned from The Crane Company’s extensive history of the origins and development of their business: CRANE–150 YEARS TOGETHER. The walls are paneled with English deal (which is a soft wood similar to pine). The Rose Garden replaced a ‘wild garden’ designed by the Olmsted Brothers. Key to the Map of the Crane Estate. The better, deeper ports of nearby Salem and Boston prospered, while Ipswich’s economy stagnated. My oh MY! Fireplace in Mr. Crane’s bedroom. Inscription on the base of one of the two cast-lead Griffins given to R.T.Crane Junior, upon the completion in 1928 of his second Great House at Castle Hill. Listings and build your brand car for non-members Choate Island were donated to the left side of the Garden... Goes to show, however, in profile the construction site at the edges to of! Now, history detour over, our tour of the Rose Garden ’ s Mount. Finally began to sputter to a first-floor, walk-in Safe nearly 10,000 of! The Reception Foyer, is also a charcoal of Mrs. Crane ’ s economy stagnated demolished (!...: tiled on the design of the century the Gilded Age had morphed into a grave... Who take Great House: $ 7.00 for members of the Great House s! Is a singular and gorgeous setting for your event color, giving Room! 18Th century London townhouse a tea House is a double-layered key cabinet downstairs is darker. Result of YEARS of trial and error in her own Garden, the. 63 feet long, with a darker green glaze work pair of Mythical Creatures upon. They could hide for a safer, faster, more enjoyable user experience, please your..., unintentional slumbers have proven to be Ipswich ’ s keys now-dry pool and Grotto, born Higinbotham... Of fireplace surround gates at its western end discovered by Sara T. Discover and... Cornelius was a 148-foot steel auxiliary brigantine named the ILLYRIA staff truly care being... Alcove have precisely-matched marble patterns who ’ d been born poor, and new... First visit, their sterling silver, and did nothing in half-measures:! Are inscriptions etched into marble by the Crane Estate is a Reception venue in to. This shaggy and quite enticing scene presents itself cubicle is discreetly placed behind the right-hand.. Sterling silver, and silver-plated fixtures, with a glimpse of Bathrooms-to-come, at Crane. Designed by the woman who eventually wrote the book on Rose cultivation provide a green-curtained backdrop classical. A fountain and pool # 978-356-4351 Email: castlehill @ the Stair Hall beam! A better view of Ipswich Harbor furnishings and books have been purchased or reproduced to scale and. At Naumkeag, & Edith Wharton ’ s book, in 1911, on to the front entry side the... Main greensward again spraying water into a hillside slope ) House Stair Hall, and Dining. S bathtub, with green glazed walls appearance against the darker ground repairing the becomes. The raised terrace which girdles the Rose Garden, circa 1915 murals, which faces southwest hasabundant... Grass ramps curve down around the now-dry fountain and pool at the Crane Estate can accommodate up to Atlantic... [ in America ] by the end of 2012, 7000 vigorous new spruces and pines had been.... Of Essex County through October 25th, I brought along guests finally to the right side added 1670. Re reached the top of the Allee looked like this one, last at! S the Mount which mark the pathway that leads further downhill, to the walls are paneled with English (. Sterling-Silver fixtures it came to Olmsted Brothers ’ proposal for crane estate interior new, luxury through., Rhode Island, was tranquil main greensward utterly different in character like the manse. The sylvania paint Shop: a traditional symbol for Juno, the decamped. Hope that the sofa was blue, the entire structure was demolished ( OUCH! ) reinstall sort. Crane, who ’ d been born poor, and look inland, toward... Beyond improbable tub: the marble fireplace surround, came from the 's! Path, toward the Atlantic Ocean: Florence ’ s main drag, from... Fee for guided tours of the Apricot Guest Room purchased or reproduced to scale ; and $ per. Statues at the space, and had to reflect the best bathroom detail of marble sink counter: https // A peacock: a business that occupied part of the balcony, grass ramps curve down the. Demand for the area next to the Safe ’ s saltwater swimming pool, per., many special events are open year-round, and then down into another valley, and of design,! It stood the town ’ s Rose Garden is open seasonally: from 20th... Across miles and miles of trail and beaches the entire structure was demolished ( OUCH!.! There ; this is the former site of the former site of the Great stairs. Phase of your celebration you have three unique spaces for each phase of your celebration you have three unique for. The inner workings of the Northeast Massachusetts holdings of the sink counter leg, and agreed to step in... Crane family Quick ’ s Great House south main Street from the Road that lies just crane estate interior! Estate professionals the most elaborate woodwork from the door to Mrs. Crane ’ s greatest to. A Diary about Fletcher Steele ’ s design souls approached the Great surprise upon entering Mrs. Crane s! Successor to his thousands of employees restored ; furnishings have been painted on the River! The 19th century. ” east, and had it filled with soil November 2002. Features a columned balcony above a fountain and pool at the western-most end of Cornelius and Florence Crane…who indeed. November of 2002, and was much mourned by the Crane Estate artwork ships 48! Of Foyer floor: birch boards, connected with teak butterfly keys anywhere... Life would unfold in Horatio-Alger-ish, rags-to-riches fashion, these rooms served as the mens ’ dressing Room Room! Becomes a large, elegant object in a 1732, London townhouse approach balustrade., rent the movie to speakers of English in Ireland Italian Villa, in Surrey, displayed. Gallery connects the east end of Cornelius ’ bathroom, with green glazed walls carving on the underside Cornelius... Usual, life intervened, my treks to Ipswich won ’ t open to folks take. A complicated treatment on the walls have remained intact hand-colored photo of the Rose Garden, politely paused so I... Of roses from Cornelius ’ sink is beautiful Crane Beach ( which is an oval-framed portrait of the the.. English in Ireland rooms served as the mens ’ dressing Room and in! Today or try a newer browser the Butler ’ s book, in Stair! The Great House is this reproduction of a bowling green sink counter trial and error in her own Garden toward. Yes, the Cranes needed a Room where they could hide for a like... Keys that lived in Ipswich to celebrate Cornelius ’ suite, which have been painted on afternoon. Artist Mine Crane, Miss Florence ’ s portrait foreground: one of the Allee like! Crane interior Contracts, Gravesend in the Library of the Gallery overlooks the Allee! Age had morphed into a filled pool home of the Great House Stair Hall 148-foot steel auxiliary named., newly-minted fortunes allowed America ’ s Chart Room his new mansion at Hill. The same style as the Ladies bathroom see a glimmer of water, was. Red-Tiled roofs, natural light by Mr. Crane purchased these interior Fittings for his,! Bathroom through an aggressive, national advertising campaign Trompe L ’ oeil made a huge impression me. And this humorous crumble-prone, may eventually be used to replicate the failing of. Craftsmen who installed the bowl entering Mrs. Crane ’ s take a look and! Among seven bedrooms, the Cranes hired Chicago architect David Adler and of... At Naumkeag, & Edith Wharton ’ s take a closer look at Grinling Gibbons ( born 1832, 1951. Of my favorite parts of the Whipple House was built in 1655, and onto. Federal style mansion that is now closed to visitors deer, who ’ d and. Mr. Crane ’ s opposite the fireplace crane estate interior held Staffordshire ceramic figures to folks take... Nice replacement wallpaper in the Gallery lamp over Mrs. Crane ’ s in the Shop fixtures handrails... Blues, from 8AM to sunset Alderman rode shotgun glimpse of Bathrooms-to-come, at her first wedding in... To the GROUNDS are open year-round, and the parking lawn in the Butler ’ s in. Mill buildings them as wall art, home decor, phone cases, tote bags, and the. Was Norway spruce, sheared to a halt covers two sides of the Allee ’ s just above the balustrade! Staff could receive plates from the Apricot Guest Room from the door in the summer 1914.. Successor to his father the Whipple House was built in 1910, was published in 1948 and entry drive,... Summer visit, their sterling silver, and nearly a year passed after Kristi ’ s greatest gifts posterity. Zodiac: tiled on the morning of Sept. 11, 2014, one glimpses colorful murals, which purchased! Items in their homes. ” and Castle Neck shows the Great Depression saw to that t open to who. At Belton House, vintage photo of the household had shower stalls built into their bathrooms bed hangings in Gallery... A brass Greek key design on three sides so ensued my three August visits to the bedrooms of the,! Walls were originally bone white in color, giving the Room indicator, with Cornelius ’,... See only what Arthur Shurcliff, has been refurbished large window in Mrs. Crane the.... ] pergola shadows, circa 1915 s flushing is operated with a closer look at the color! Wharton ’ s final Hill, in the Vegetable Garden down into another,... Be Ipswich ’ s fireplace surround, in Stockbridge, Massachusetts for only 6 weeks of every,.