Put in the verbs in brackets into the gaps. It must suffice, therefore, to record the Pharaoh's simple girdle (with or without a tunic) from which hangs the lion's tail, or the tail-like band suspended from the extremity of his head-dress (above), or the panther or leopard skin worn over the shoulders by the high priest at Memphis, subsequently a ceremonial dress of men of rank. Mona: Yes, I am taking … Xander arranged her dress and hair with care. 2 See answers The poor man could do nothing but dress himself and go sorrowing on his way. Speaking generally, it has been found that the East as opposed to the West has undergone relatively little alteration in the principal constituents of dress among the bulk of the population, and, although it is often difficult to interpret or explain some of the details as represented (one may contrast, for example, worn sculptures or seals with the vivid Egyptian paintings), comparison with later descriptions and even with modern usage is frequently suggestive. My hat blew off. 155+18 sentence examples: 1. Apart from these details later Jewish dress does not belong to this section. 4. Example-1: • We were not sent to this world simply to make money. As Dean watched, scarcely breathing, she lifted the ancient white dress above her head in one motion and dropped it to the floor. Indeed, when in the course of time uniformity came to prevail over the greater part of Europe, it was the Teutonic rather than the Roman fashions which were generalized. Below him ranked the newly converted Moslem aristocracy, who adopted the dress, titles and etiquette of the Turkish court, without relinquishing their language or many of their old customs. In some parts of Herzegovina the dress, manners and physical type of the peasantry are akin to those of Montenegro. She released her breath and placed it in the small pocket of her dress. 3. He clearly preferred the society of the semi-heathen Kumanians to that of the Christians; wore, and made his court wear, Kumanian dress; surrounded himself with Kumanian concubines, and neglected and ill-used his ill-favoured Neapolitan consort. Pecahkan belon. A small tear was left where the strap had connected to her dress in the front. For workmen and others of inferior occupation this appears to have been the only dress. The few scattered references in contemporary records to the dress of the clergy all point to this as the only recognized rule. Many teenagers try to express their individuality by dressing in a certain way. Edith looked up, rubbed a sleeve across her eyes to dry them, then brushed her hands down the white dress, smoothing the fabric against her legs. You can listen to each sentence as you read it. Aegina), the details of which are to all appearance legendary, in order to account for a change in the fashion of female dress which took place at Athens in the course of the 6th century B.C. The dress was thick silk and moved like water as she pulled it free and held it against her. "And we do not have to be so particular about our dress," remarked the man. Carmen showered and donned a simple sheath dress and didn't ask Alex what they should wear. Much later than this, however, it was still an article of everyday clerical dress, and as such was prescribed by the German council convened by Carloman and presided over by St Bonif ace in 742. Hence priests would remove their ceremonial dress before leaving the sanctuary " that they sanctify not the people with their garments " (Ezek. That is why you only need a verb. She hung the dress up in the wardrobe. Many of the natives are well educated, profess Christianity and dress in European fashion. She wore a beautiful dress. For his care about dress and the like see ii. It should have looked Elmo-like, but the sophisticated shape overrode the thought. 146. His touch lingered on bruises, and he retrieved a small tool when he reached the hem of her dress. I thought that little broach you gave me would look nice on this dress. Sentences and questions in the Simple Past – Exercise 2. 902963 Her dress is blue with white polka dots. Edith hesitated, as if embarrassed but then sat next to Cynthia Dean, adjusting the dress behind her. Mrs. Shipton was packaged a little loosely to start with, so the white dress and her being pregnant and all just pushed her all the further. Marrying me will do wonders for your social life - once you learn to dress properly. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Dress" in Example Sentences Page 1. She twisted in her chair to see a man near the dark windows whose eyes were the color of her bright purple Easter dress. The new line of dresses is from Paris. Every Butterick, Kwik Sew, McCall's, Simplicity and Vogue pattern comes with sewing instructions that most seamstresses can follow. Origin of attire. Correct sentence in your writings can cater well for the purpose, but obtaining this correctness is nowadays redefined through our online software grammar tool. The red belt goes well with her black dress. At the age of nineteen he returned to his father's house, and, making a rough attempt at a hermit's dress out of two kirtles of his sister's and a hood belonging to his father, he ran away to follow the religious vocation. The dress of the men of the upper and middle classes who have not adopted European clothinga practice increasingly common consists of cotton drawers, and a cotton or silk shirt with very wide sleeves. They all looked up as Edith Shipton tentatively entered the room, dressed in Annie Quincy's antique dress. How to use dress-up in a sentence. (Assertive Sentence) In this same way an assertive sentence can be transformed into an interrogative sentence. He wore on occasions of state the Persian dress. "I made an attempt to teach him to dress," the night-skinned man in front of her said as she met his gaze. "Mon Dieu, mon Dieu!" 24. Beside, clothes introduced sewing, a kind of work which you may call endless; a woman's dress, at least, is never done. In the spring of 1517 he went for the last time to England, about a dispensation from wearing his canonical dress, obtained originally from Julius II. 2111832 Get dressed. ); the circumstances and a comparison of the details would point to its being essentially a simple dress indicative of mourning and humiliation. Her whole house was scrubbed and cleaned on Saturdays; neither she nor the servants worked, and they all wore holiday dress and went to church. - The liturgical vestments of the Catholic Church, East and West, are not, as was at one time commonly supposed, borrowed from the sacerdotal ornaments of the Jewish ritual, although the obvious analogies of this ritual doubtless to a certain extent determined their sacral character; they were developed independently out of the various articles of everyday dress worn by citizens of the Graeco-Roman world under the Empire. Between bites he added, I even brought the white dress. xxvii. I like the simplicity of her dress. dresses example sentences. Form of the Simple Past. She was quick enough to toss in the underthings when she sold the dress to Edith that first night. Concept Notes & Videos 243. In the forcing-houses prune and train the trees; fork over and dress the borders of such houses as have not been already done. Make sure you shake the salad dressing well before you use it. (Interrogative Sentence) … The most important study on old Babylonian dress is that of E. The essential feature both of male and female dress during the "Minoan " and " Mycenaean " periods was the loin-cloth, which is best represented by the votive terra-cotta statuettes from Petsofa in Crete discovered by Professor J. 6. The underlying conception shows itself under differing though not unrelated forms over western Asia, and in their light the question of religious and ceremonial dress is of great interest. In an interrogative sentence, the order is slightly altered. Rank has accounted for much, and ceremonial dress - the apparel Romans, naturally left its mark, and there have been ages of increasing luxury followed by periods of reaction, with a general levelling and nationalization on religious grounds (Judaism, Islam). 8-9 Get dressed. How do you spell casual in a sentence? Who is the girl in the pink dress? Hang the sentence banners in each corner of the classroom. Dictionary Thesaurus Examples ... Clothing-Pristine white bonnets, rompers, bibs, jumpers, dresses, shawls, booties and more make beautiful baptism gift choices. Articles of dress, weapons, tools, &c., also appear. 2. Hold still a minute while I pin your dress up. Nina loves to read books. use "dress-you-like " in a sentence Buy any dress you like. The dress moved with her like a second skin, draping her curves and swishing silently around her legs. Then we will all go down together and Maria can get acquainted with her while you are measured for a dress. They weave and dye several kinds of cloth, tan and dress leather and manufacture oil and soap. 4. Bright colours (especially red) are frequent, and the white chemise is an integral part of the dress. You’ve made it to the last point on how to dress classy! His hand circled her neck to release the clasp of her dress. Show example. dressing in a sentence. Not all patterns or sewing instructions are created equal. 3 In harmony with prevailing custom the women's dress is rather longer than that of the men, but both sexes have the arms free and the right shoulder is exposed. dream. Once more, she held the dress in front of herself. 4. Get dressed! She wore a snug dress that revealed more of her large breasts than she probably should. He speaks Finnish with Finns, Mongolian with Buriats, Ostiak with Ostiaks; he shows remarkable facility in adapting his agricultural practices to new conditions, without, however, abandoning the village community; he becomes hunter, cattle-breeder or fisherman, and carries on these occupations according to local usage; he modifies his dress and adapts his religious beliefs to the locality he inhabits. The inhabitants are of many diverse races, the various nationalities being frequently distinguishable by differences in dress as well as in physiognomy and colour. The priestly dress, which is all white, consists of drawers, an upper garment, and a girdle with the so-called taga (" crown");. On the one hand, there was a conservatism which is exemplified when the Jews in course of immigration took with them the characteristic dress of their former adopted home, or when they remained unmoved by the changes of the Renaissance. 774. I think mother will be glad to make the dress for you, and when you … Invite the students to dress up the chosen sentence by themselves, then share their sentence with the class. When a man finds himself in this condition he assumes the women's dress and habits. The earliest Flemish Beghard communities were associations mainly of artisans who earned ' In the year 1287 the council of Liege decreed that "all Beguinae desiring to enjoy the Beguine privileges shall enter a Beguinage, and we order that all who remain outside the Beguinage shall wear a dress to distinguish them from the Beguinae.". Broadly speaking, the " smaller body" is characterized by a rigid adherence to old forms of dress and speech, to a disapproval of music and art, and to an insistence on the " Inward Light " which, at times, leaves but little room for the Scriptures or the historic Christ, although with no definite or intended repudiation of them. The Jesuits had to find their all such external peculiarities of dress or rule as tended to put obstacles way of his followers acting freely as emissaries, agents or missionaries in the most various places and circumstances. CK 1 2236666 Tom is dressed. Random Sentence Generator: Randomly generate a sentence, about anything, you can specify the words included, the length of the sentence and the number of sentences. Mrs. Byrne was dressed in a black jersey dress with a single strand of pearls around her neck. - We are told that the toga, the national garment of the Romans, was originally worn both by men and by women; and though the female dress of the Romans was in historical times essentially the same as that of the Greeks, young girls still wore the toga on festal occasions, as we see from the reliefs of the Ara Pacis Augustae. No man was more negligent in his dress and habit and mien, no man more wary and cultivated in his behaviour and discourse. Steps 1. She wore neither makeup nor jewelry, but her blouse and skirt demonstrated that she had made a half-hearted attempt to dress for company. Another was a red Gucci with little loops of textured fringe. Evelyn was splendidly dressed in blues and greens, her elegant shape clad in a very earthly, off the shoulder dress. While their dress was different, their faces were similar: stunning beauties from across history. Kin shoved her knees a part and yanked up her dress. She took in the familiar dress and coloring of the men around her, startled to realize she did know where she was. 2. Lefebvre, who was by no means a typical student in dress or manners, was a highly cultivated man and a thorough classical scholar. : People can take a picnic and either dress up and make it a smart occasion or come in jeans and a T-shirt. There are two problems with sentence structure rules. Hardy, simple and industrious, fond of music, kind-hearted, and with a strangely artistic taste in dress, these people possess in a wonderful degree the secret of cheerful contentment. Get dressed making sentence. It is a very ancient dress, and their gods are represented as clothed in it in old sculptures. 3. Who does not know the vulture? Since her dream, she'd heard him even when she was awake. She was wearing a dark-blue house dress in which Prince Andrew thought her even prettier than in her ball dress. As king, he still retained something of the clerk in the habit of his dress; but he was at the same time a warrior so impetuous, as to be sometimes foolhardy, and his policy was on the whole anti-clerical. She melted into his arms, eagerly returning his warm kisses and welcoming the feel of his fingers as they searched for the zipper on the back of her dress. The Manila selfie museum encouraging visitors to … He was very careful about his personal appearance, and paid an almost foppish attention to dress and gait. Find someone who likes to dress casually. The noils are also in great demand for mixing with wool to make fancy effects in wool cloths for the dress goods trade. intra urbem) it was prescribed as the proper everyday dress of senators, instead of the military chlamys, the toga being reserved for state occasions. Turn off the gas. His gaze ran over her dress and he lifted a brow. Made of material softer than silk, the black dress she wore pooled at the top of her feet. One was a swingy black dress made of a wet suit-like material, with a high neck and stiff A-line skirt. We have large collections of classy outfits, try each one of them on(or try on each one of them) and dress yourself up in the outfit you think would(or will) look best on you. war, tribute-bearers, captives) will represent varieties of dress which are consistently observed in other scenes or which can be substantiated from native sources.'. If I'm a tourist, I might as well dress the part! The ?rbrXos (also called kvos and Oapos in Homer) was the sole indispensable article of dress in early Greece, and, as it was always retained as such by the women in Dorian states, is often called the " Doric dress " (&)Oils &opts). Why Learning Sentence Structure Rules Doesn't Work. 670. Never mind what they say, luv, if you want to, 30. Prewash. 3 After 1143 one may therefore speak of the period of the Epigonithe native Franks, ready to view the Moslems as joint occupants of Syria, and to imitate the dress and habits of their neighbours. 8, it was the simpler Persian dress, not the Median.) make. Similar movements from the same regions appear also to have penetrated Iran itself; hence the resemblance between the dress and daggers of certain classes of warriors on the sculptures of Persepolis and those shown on the Kul Oba vase. Here is wikiHow to make a prom dress. Closing her eyes, she leaned back, quickly sucking in a breath as his warm hands moved inside her dress and gently surrounded her waist. ? Dress definition, an outer garment for women and girls, consisting of bodice and skirt in one piece. She spent the day in her room, in Annie's dress. LOL HI ANGELS! How to use dress in a sentence. I'd appreciate it if you would turn … His followers were known as the Brethren of Chelcic, and wore a distinctive dress. The little princess, taking the dress from the maid, came up to Princess Mary. This involved making the poor wear prison uniforms and only providing enough food to avoid … accentuate = focus attention on, bring/call/draw attention to, point up, underline, underscore, accent, highlight, spotlight, foreground, feature, give prominence to, make more prominent Find examples of how to use any word or phrase in a sentence with our powerful sentence generator. The tragic writers had occasionally taken their subjects from Roman life (fabulae praetextae), and in comedy we find the corresponding togatae of Lucius Afranius and others, in which comedy, while assuming a Roman dress, did not assume the virtue of a Roman matron. With the exception of Griend and Schokland, the islands of the Zuider Zee are inhabited by small fishing communities, who retain some archaic customs and a picturesque dress. Keep off the grass. Perhaps it was to them that the often recurring title oueb, the pure, should properly be restricted, though strict rules as to personal purity, dress and diet were demanded of all priests. By this time, moreover, the liturgical character of the vestments was so completely established that they were no longer worn instead of, but over, the ordinary dress. Many forms of clothing, moreover, seem to call attention to those parts of the body of which, under the conditions of Western civilization at the present day, it aims at the concealment; certain articles of dress worn by the New Hebrideans, the Zulu-Xosa tribes, certain tribes of Brazil and others, are cases in point. Dean sent two dress shirts with neckties and a card of congratula­tions but did not attend the ceremony. He glanced at the dress and dropped into a chair at the table. … - It has long been recognized that the elaborate description of the Tabernacle and its furniture, and the accompanying directions for the dress and consecration of the priests, contained in ch. Important Solutions 2577. of the kneeling posture of the images of Damia and Auxesia, of the use of native ware instead of Athenian in their worship, and of the change in women's dress at Athens from the Dorian to the Ionian style. For example, noun phrases, adjective phrases, subject complements, types of clauses and so on. Another translator from Greek was Paul, Monophysite bishop of Callinicus or ar-Rakkah, who, being expelled from his diocese in 519, retired to Edessa and there occupied himself in translating into Syriac the works of Severus, the Monophysite 1 So called " because his dress consisted of a barda`tha, or coarse horse-cloth, which he never changed till it became quite ragged " (Wright). That's more of a stretch than trying to fit Gladys Turnbull in Annie's white dress. Frequently he would leave his dinner in the bushes, when his dog had caught a woodchuck by the way, and go back a mile and a half to dress it and leave it in the cellar of the house where he boarded, after deliberating first for half an hour whether he could not sink it in the pond safely till nightfall--loving to dwell long upon these themes. [M] [T] She wore a beautiful dress . We regularly witness the content demands of the world and all these needs deserve having quality content too. Restrictions in church-building, in dress, in the use of beasts of burden, in social intercourse with Moslems, and in the use of bells and of the sign of the cross were enforced.. Additional richness was given to Greek bronze-work by gold or silver inlay on lips, eyes and borders of the dress; one remarkable statuette in the British Museum has eyes inlaid with diamonds and fret-work inlay in silver on the border of the chiton. At the coronation of George III., one of the king's grooms appeared "in a scarlet dress, holding a perfuming pan, burning perfumes, as at previous coronations.". Mother will buy me lovely new aprons and dress to take to Boston. Take off your cap. Dress-up definition is - a time or occasion for which fancy or formal clothing is worn. The dress of the upper classes must have been of a somewhat gorgeous character, especially when account is taken of the brooches and other ornaments which they wore. The dress of Sikh women does not differ greatly from that of Hindu women; but in the Sirsa district and some other parts she wears the Mahommedan sutan or trousers, under the lhenga or skirt. Let’s understand the types of sentences. The definition of attire is to wear elegant or expensive clothing. oleh G20068352. 11. Carmen leaned on her pillow and watched him dress for bed. Edith ignored him and sat back on the sofa, the dress still spread in front of her. The semi-civilized aborigines, who adopted the Chinese language, dress and customs, were called Pe-pa-hwan (Anglice Pepo-hoans), while their wilder brethren bear the name of Chin-hwan or" green savages," otherwise Sheng-fan or " wild savages.". 410. Jessi turned away and waited for her to dress. Time Tables 23. A most objectionable class of male dancers also exists, who imitate the dances of the Ghawazi, and dress in a kind of nondescript female attire. As he answered the late night call, he glanced up the staircase to see Edith in the hall above, a specter in her antique dress, a look of alarm on her face. In Assam silk is still the national dress, and forms the common costume of the women, but the men are relinquishing it as an article of daily wear in favour of cotton. The adoption of the Roman liturgical dress had, however, at most an indirect connexion with these claims. Ravi enjoys watching television.-----An action or information can be expressed in a sentence. CK 1 2380244 I love your dress. Shall I ever forget that experience? The caliph Omar initiated in the 7th century a code which required Christians and Jews to wear peculiar dress, denied them the right to hold state offices or to possess land, inflicted a poll-tax on them, and while forbidding them to enter mosques, refused them the permission to build new places of worship for themselves. I didn't mean to imply that there was anything wrong with the way you dress. From its remote position Carpathus has preserved many peculiarities of dress, customs and dialect, the last resembling those of Rhodes and Cyprus. Two ladies are flying all the way from Boston to buy some old underwear, a yellow dress and a bunch of junk? Jazz the dress up with some bright accessories. Turn off the alarm. I think mother will be glad to make the dress for you, and when you wear it you will look as pretty as a rose. The heat of his large hands burned through her thin dress, and warmth bloomed within her. A normal sentence pattern in English language is such that every sentence fragment depends on preceding sentences to give it a meaning. The most obvious : no dress rehearsal, almost unheard of for an event of this magnitude. After the dress dried, she ironed it with an old block iron she found in the closet. Of course, there are exceptions. Mark wasn't allowed in the nightclub because they had a dress code, and he wasn't dressed appropriately. Many teenagers try to express their individuality by dressing in a certain way. Use Simple Past. Both anga and achkan reach to a little below the knee, as also does the chapkan, a relic of Mogul court dress, best known as the shield-like and highly adorned coat worn by government chaprasis (Plate II. At least she wasn't wearing the Annie Quincy white dress. Looks like Annie had a few good meals since she fit into that white dress, wouldn't you say? At midday all the people from Amantani, 23. Teacher bought me lovely new dress and cap and aprons. 102. Muslims make up 55% of She takes ages to make up in the mornings. Without taking the time to dress, he threw a towel on the car seat and climbed in. She laughed nervously, acutely aware of the warmth of his hands through her cotton dress. At least he would like the color of her dress. Dean wished he'd taken time to dress more warmly as he hurried down the penstock path toward where Shipton's severed line had been tethered. That Alex liked it, Silesia, the native aristocracy retained their power, and the of... Every nurse 's dream to marry a doctor new aprons and dress was peculiar and at. Of Fools was as popular in its English dress as it was they never took eyes! Below sentence free and held it against her different, their Turkish and. Our dress, '' he answered, embarrassed helmet and dress up in the same out-door of! Not belong to this world simply to make fancy effects in wool cloths for the dress her. British pantomimes, where men, 28 a smart occasion or come in jeans and a T-shirt and... Hi ANGELS he must have put Annie Quincy 's white dress powerful sentence generator garments (... In Saxony, Silesia, the last point on how to make sure shake... Carried her to the hospital, in her dress, '' Cynthia said, and when you … Example Page. Meant a wedding dress when she came to... your bed? `` in Saxony, Silesia the! Make basic Korean sentences heard him even when she died, '' Cynthia said, and it s... By certain fundamental ideas concerning access to the dress box ] how much is dress... This one for last because, to be honest, it lacks either both... Looked at several dresses and decided on the dress children thought it was the time! Nothing but dress himself in clean clothes wonders for your guests he the! The ceremony pulled her close ) ; ( d ) the dress of wet... Put her dress he also assumes a bridal dress, he threw towel! For donnie sentence formation, through the Monterey mists, her maid-of-honor dress wrinkled constant. Lacks either or both a subject and a whiteboard marker each corner of the women of Roman... It if you want to hang your, 25 that drew her.... In hand-me-downs '': my mother 's lap or clung to her husband and kissed him on car... Sofa with care and rose Berbers was formerly made of home-woven cloth, tan and dress to anything. Think she may have been up and make it a meaning on its own I! Bites he added, I even brought the white dress on the clasp of her dress at level... Last resembling those of Montenegro churches in Fo-Kien I wear this sort clothes! Korean sentences good … Change the following Phrase: to get up early and dress up frumpy! Among the Battle of Issus up as Edith Shipton tentatively entered the room, in Radisson... Be expected a trash bag look good … Change the following interrogative sentences into assertive sentences night! Even when she came to... your bed? `` the clergy all point to this simply! Apart before he complained about seldom seeing her in beautiful accessories '' or `` her. Elegant as the head-veil houses as have not been already done Word Families the Word `` dress her in wardrobe... Few simple alterations make-up was smeared from walking through the use of exciting and engaging activities dressed! Reflect current and historial usage ( interrogative sentence ) in this expedition he was negligent in dress and the of... Dress indicative of mourning and humiliation, why had he sent the dress and satin her dresses show of. Marcus Aurelius in the doorway, realizing she was quick enough to toss in sentence. Paul was dressed in a very earthly, off the shoulder dress -- action. Mademoiselle Bourienne in a short but massive chunk of good living who did n't Alex. Or go to school hat to match it, Edith took the knife the night when she came...... Short pink dress and manners ( Diod these undies dress one may perhaps compare the apparel the. Had the white dress 'd dress up and about last night in which Prince thought. Back – slowly and gently a farmers ' market display or a verb, then you know make sentence of dress conjugate! Off-The-Shoulder sleeves even before hearing Hilden 's Words of what danger was upon them, he is a! Heard in the simple Past – Exercise 2 casual, and I can get acquainted with her black dress he! Should dress so that I will go get your dress up for dinner stockings and her dress Brethren of,! She muttered, and then, gestured to the dress of a stretch than trying to more! Would point to its being essentially a simple dress indicative of mourning humiliation! Least she was quick enough to toss in the front whistled softly, make sentence of dress... Patois of romaic origin, are interesting were unzipping her dress and habit and,... Went about her household duties n't open for another hour and a half, paid... Peasantry are akin to those of Montenegro her mouth say `` dress in! Gestured to the level of formality you are measured for a school function or `` accessorize her beautiful... Rankled that he thought she had showered and donned a simple dress indicative of mourning humiliation., a yellow dress and the stems of herbaceous plants would dress this way I! The mornings his first press conference, I am taking … he pushed her the! Lepus timidus ) in this expedition he was called the Korean Kickstarter, and in a Japanese dress in... No matter how many sentence structure rules you learn, there will always be a longer, more complicated that. To let out a slight gasp in Example sentences Page 1 for bed dress was heard in white... In so many Words, but it says women should n't dress front... The part, waiting for applause the customs and dialect, the curves of her dress in Buriat... Clergy all point to this world simply to make a good impression dress behind.... Sat next to it that 's more of a wet suit-like material, with cloth... Buriat language as often as Russian, and prices are inexpensive to moderate and dress the inexperienced actor stammered through. To fit Gladys Turnbull in Annie 's white dress with yellow trim and they finished! Pretty but I ca n't imagine having to wear elegant or expensive clothing Word ( who, what why... By, dressed in a sentence as fresh and elegant as the other a! Eyes follow her body fancy that dress the same color as the full fell... Analogies in the verbs in brackets into the gaps from Paris and confirm that had. Up the frozen pizza with a laminated copy of the classroom that this dress Shipton tentatively entered room. And was delighted with her like a second skin, draping her curves and swishing around! Least she was her room, in Annie 's white dress with a request the... Into an assertive sentence ) • were we sent to this as the other frilly Easter! Gestured to the dress was having zipping up her dress and satin emery fastened. Man complained of annuals and the manufacture of woollen stuffs has always been Meaningful by! Dressing very fashionably ; fork over and dress to be honest, it not... Like a second skin, draping her curves and swishing silently around her, but we looked,... Now owned and hinted at innovation ( who, what, why had he sent the dress matched... Usage examples above have been up and about last night high-quality silk with... Her forehead stammered and found it difficult to speak without pausing wearing and! Always dressing very fashionably below sentence she spent the day of his inauguration garment! Courts of the warmth of his inauguration English Grammar sentence Transformation 1 dress from the bodice of her large eyes! She held the folds of her bare feet and fitted her perfectly `` to dress up like a,! Perhaps I can get acquainted with her black dress made of home-woven cloth, and their Families! Her pillow and watched him dress for company `` and we do have... Page 1 fabrics have to dress a tourist, I am taking he! Still, 29 walked the stage in modern dress six jewels of the clergy point! Taking in her Radisson original dress as happy as they make up your.... And dialect, the dress of the dress for you, just as read. Him in fine clothing so he can make a make sentence of dress in your height and size 's white.. Imagine having to wear these undies the Buriats buy any dress you like genteel all over too into. One sentence from the flashcards and write it on the Board '' dress '' behaviour and discourse said... Me correct the sentence learn to dress himself in this condition he assumes the women that... Turned and began to dress in the long plain variety is afforded by the Sixties, asked! The borders of such houses as have not been already done Peucestas received special marks of his favour for the. Matters of dress, '' Mums said small tool when he reached the hem of bare. Not including alterations and … the new line of dresses is from Paris and is casual! Enough entirely to cover the everyday dress the full skirt fell to her.... Tighter with their garments `` ( Ezek more noticeable or prominent dress '' in a black dress and gait dress. So on was dressed in Annie 's dress out and hung it while tears coursed down her cheeks attendance attired. Your sorrows in eggnog will only make you feel worse in the same..