But talent shows and competitions also have judges (never referees). The word 'Judge' is primarily used as the person in charge of a courtroom, who passes a sentence on the defendant. Officials include a mat chairman , a referee, a judge, and a timekeeper. Learn more. ; At the eight-and-fortieth Sachse moaned a little, and the referee gave the match against him. Recruiters and hiring managers know that the correct time to request a job-seeker’s references is at the point where the employer is close to making a job offer.. Acting as a referee for her friends, the neutral seventh-grader tried to calm both sides. Example sentences with the word referee.referee example sentences. Dictionary ! Menu. Summary of paper's reason for existence. References can be provided on official notepaper with authorized signatories: referees do not need to use the University's reference forms. Referee definition: The referee is the official who controls a sports event such as a football game or a... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Referee definition is - one to whom a thing is referred: such as. : 2. 2. 1. ; I shall not be the judge: you know that the chief notary only acts as referee of the tribunal in such cases. The word 'Referee' is primarily used in sports (sometimes umpire) as the impartial person who ensures the rules of the game are followed. This means you’re NOT required to list names of referees on your resume when you apply. How to use referee in a sentence. 3. Typos include misspellings, mistakes in sentences, equations, figure captions, etc. A referee followed each of us, horseback, and counted the buffaloes killed by each man. A separate list is preferable to embedding these in the primary opinion to the editor. referee meaning: 1. a person who is in charge of a sports game and who makes certain that the rules are followed…. Examples of Referee in a sentence. It was an easy technical foul call for Referee Woody Mayfield. Authors always appreciate a list of typographical errors (``typos'') made in the manuscripts. Sentence Examples. The teen was frequently made a referee by her parents who couldn’t seem to solve their marital problems on their own. Checklist for refereeing . ; The referee declared me the winner of the match, and the champion buffalo hunter of the Plains. (Related Article: Should You Include Your Date Of Birth On Your Resume? 0 Assistant referees are nearly always in a better position than the referee to judge offside. It was a controversial decision by referee Styles to penalise St Use "referee" in a sentence. The referee stopped the fight after Lewis wobbled to his feet. Chapter four ponders the perfection of interlocutory referee in our country. 283+16 sentence examples: 1. A Solid Case For Not Including References. 3. Instead, the doctor told the referee to let it … He was appointed as the referee in all disputes. I had to also fight against the referee and the judges, No one hired him to be a referee in this case, It's difficult to see referee in a sentence . How to use referee in a sentence.