Desmond's address was shown on an envelope in ". In the Sideverse, why does Eloise tell Desmond that it's a "violation" regarding "the way you see things"? This was the reason for him to demand a ride on the helicopter to begin with. During their conversation, Desmond confided in her his shortcomings for joining the race. Desmond took 2 days leave from the Royal Scots to visit Penny, explaining to her that he needed her new phone number but that he wouldn't call her for eight years. After the group received no response and left for the beach Daniel remained and continued to knock on the Swan's rear door until Desmond, dressed in a biohazard suit and wielding a rifle, angrily burst out. He said it happens now and then, but he said dead people are more reliable than dead people. At their arrival, Desmond parted from the survivors, and stood by the sea, while the previously confused Hurley listened to Locke's rousing words about saving the missing Jack and the Others captured, leaving Hurley in shock as he looked back at Desmond. Desmond watched the scene play out from afar, and smiled as he drove away. The Man in Black, who appeared to be Desmond's old friend Locke, then met him and interrogated him about his recent experience. Back on the island: Fake Locke and Desmond arrived at what Fake Locke wanted to show Des. He told Desmond they didn’t find what they were looking for, but he wanted Desmond to see the well because Whidmore, he said, wasn’t interested in answers but power. Anyway, I don't think Desmond is God but for whatever reason he has this gift doesn't he - No doubt it will be like season 10 before we find out why he has it though. 167. Sarah's subsequent unexpected healing suggests that possibly Desmond was right. Relevance. Following his instinct and his half-assembled puzzle, Desmond led the group onward in the direction of the parachutist. And he promised he'd never die. Charlie, acting selflessly, had no choice but to lock him out, after seeing Mikhail through the underwater window about to blow it open with a grenade. ("Greatest Hits"), When Desmond woke up, he was immediately met with gunfire from Mikhail, who had arrived to stop Charlie. He told Penelope this, and she stormed off with mixed emotions of anger and sadness. After Claire gives birth to Aaron backstage, Desmond arrives and asks Kate whether she now "understands." ("Flashes Before Your Eyes") ("The Constant"), During his recruit course in 1996 at Camp Millar (north of Glasgow, Scotland), Desmond woke up from what he thought was a dream, in which he was in a helicopter in a storm. He told Desmond that was why Whidmore brought him back. I do a little bit of … Does Hutchinson think Desmond needs to die? He said he wished he could talk to her about it all in person. Answers. ("Catch-22"), Naomi was injured in the crash, and Charlie, Hurley, and Desmond argued a bit on how to treat her. In reality, his consciousness was time traveling to December 24, 2004. Ilana came and told Hurley they were going to the Black Rock. ("Flashes Before Your Eyes"), Desmond went to see Donovan. Kate makes her last bid for Ford to let her go, but while he looks tempted, he tells her it isn't going to happen. He then shifted back to 1996. A week after arriving in LA, Desmond met a depressed Hurley who had been confused and upset by his confrontation with Libby. Ben and others rushed to Locke, whose eyes were open but seemed dazed. James Bond 007 – Im Angesicht des Todes (Originaltitel: A View to a Kill) ist der 14. von Eon Productions produzierte James-Bond-Film.Zum siebten und letzten Mal trat Roger Moore als MI6-Agent auf.Sein Gegenspieler ist der von Christopher Walken gespielte Max Zorin. 4 years ago. Unlike the other main characters, Desmond returned to the island in season 6 under duress, forced to cooperate due to his unique electromagnetic properties. He said that he just had a déjà vu. If Desmond had met Daniel Faraday when he was banging on the hatch door, how did Desmond not recognize Faraday when he returned to the island on the. Desmond Doss was born on February 7, 1919, in Lynchburg, Virginia, USA. Tomorrow’s episode promises to give a little more insight into Desmond’s situation. Christian opens the doors of the church and glowing white light from beyond the doors washes over all present. Desmond kept the ring anyway, determined not to succumb to fate. Desmond cannot be on the plane, happy and MARRIED (note the ring) at the same time he is Penny-less, miserable and in the Hatch bringing the plane down. This action, according to the flash, resulted in Claire and Aaron boarding a rescue helicopter. Ilana carried a bag full of explosives that she was going to use to do the job. With Naveen Andrews, Nestor Carbonell, Henry Ian Cusick, Emilie de Ravin. Why was he put in prison and then dishonorably discharged from the army? ("Live Together, Die Alone, Part 2"), At an unclear point in the timeline, a group of survivors congregated at the rear door of the Swan. Tout d'abord épisodique dans la deuxième saison, il devient un des rôles principaux dès la troisième saison. Because TV is a business, and actors sign contracts, not everything about Lost can be kept a secret. TV … He heard the song, "Make Your Own Kind Of Music", and then he watched the same goal in the television, as in the original events. However, Desmond replied that he was not there for a job but to ask for Penelope's hand in marriage. After returning, Keamy took the phone from him and he, Frank, and Omar left the sickbay, locking Sayid and Desmond inside with Minkowski. ("Flashes Before Your Eyes"), Later that day, while preparing to go to the Widmore's Industries, he noticed his clock marked "1:08", and these numbers were familiar to him. Comment. For the emotionally inclined, it's the Lost equivalent of " you're my person ." Season: OR . Desmond eventually leaves the Island with the Oceanic 6 and is reunited with his love Penny Widmore (Sonya Walger). Awards Nominated for 1 Primetime Emmy. ("Recon")  ("The Package")  ("Happily Ever After"), During his few seconds of unconsciousness, Desmond had a near-death experience, flashing to a time after his death. Jacob appears to the survivors of the submarine explosion and tells them what they were chosen for, while Ben joins forces with Locke as they both have a final showdown with Charles Widmore. Jack agreed. He was raised in Peru, Spain, Trinidad, and Scotland, and now lives in Hawaii. Brother Campbell, a monk at a monastery in Eddington, Scotland, offered him help, which led Desmond to believe he had a calling to become a monk too. Upset with the thought that he couldn't even afford the £5 photograph; he came to believe that Charles Widmore was right: he wasn't good enough for Penelope. I’m curious to see if it’s going to be a more classic flashback episode, showing how and perhaps why Widmore got Desmond onto the sub, or if it’s going to be a … An explainer for all those who continually get it wrong Their son's appearance made Ben hesitate before shooting, letting Desmond tackle him, severely beat him, and throw him into the water. In the end, Desmond made the decision predicted by Mrs. Hawking, and threw the ring into the Thames. With treatment, they removed a stick from her lung, and Mikhail said it would heal in a day, or a day and a half. ("Ab Aeterno") However, the Smoke Monster attacked him, but we didn't see a body so is he alive or dead? Fingers crossed Charlie doesn't die everyone - I really like him! ("Live Together, Die Alone, Part 2"), After turning the fail-safe key in present Island time, Desmond's consciousness re-entered his 1996's self. He looked for Michael and found him. After Gault stalled and got the ships tender ready for the two, Desmond got a blank look in his eyes (unclear at this point in time of it was a flash or not) before he told Sayid that he refused to return to the island, and watched on yet again as Sayid took off towards the island. First Das Lost Ende „Lost“ hat während seiner Laufzeit von sechs Jahren viele Fans gewonnen, aber leider auch einige verloren. Widmore expressed his unfavorable opinion of Desmond, saying that he was worth less than a shot of MacCutcheon whiskey. Inside the Swan, Kelvin tells Desmond that the outside environment is contaminated by a mysterious sickness, to which Desmond may have been exposed. Kate asks where he wants to leave to and Desmond drives off to show her. Lost ending explained: What actually went down in the most misunderstood finale of all time. He continued to watch helplessly as Charlie drowned. Desmond encouraged him to go with his gut. Zoe escorted him from the building, and he followed willingly. ("The End"). ("Live Together, Die Alone, Part 2"). Desmond insisted that he is running to get his honor back. At LAX, as Desmond stared at the Oceanic arrivals board, Hugo Reyes recognized him from the plane and told him that their baggage was at carousel #4. Awards Nominated for 1 Primetime Emmy. ("Flashes Before Your Eyes"). Desmond had an older sister named Audrey and a younger brother named Harold. After it became clear that the switch from Desmond's premonition was inside the Looking Glass station, Charlie volunteered to swim to the station by following the underwater cable, and Desmond volunteered to accompany him. He is brought to Detective Ford, to whom he states that he had beaten a teacher senseless and had run over a man in a wheelchair, and turns himself in. He impressed and surprised Campbell by keeping his vow of silence, earning status as a novice monk and the title "Brother." Desmond returns to the car and informs Kate that the body belonged to Christian Shephard. 166. He left the Swan when the Oceanic survivors discovered it, and he joined them after a failed escape attempt as a charismatic, helpful member of the camp. "The Last Recruit""What They Died For""The End" Ghost teen Jacob was reminding Locke-ness of the rules. Unnamed Father Three Unnamed Brothers Charles Widmore - Father-in-lawPenelope Hume - WifeDaniel Faraday - Brother-in-lawCharlie Hume - Son Ruth - Ex-fiancé. Charlie then closes the hatch and Mikhail detonates the grenade. His exact offense is still unknown. Despite his conviction that everything had to happen exactly as in his vision he nonetheless saved Charlie once again. Desmond's body was eventually discovered by Abstergo several hours after his death, and an immediate autopsy was performed, with various DNA samples being extracted in the process. Alpert set out to stop Fake Locke from getting his people on the airplane and leaving the island. Hurley told Desmond about the new woman he met, but she was crazy, she “actually lives in the looney bin.” He told her about how she said she already knew him, and Desmond asked if he believed her. He and Locke tried to test whether the Swan was a hoax, leaving Desmond to turn its fail-safe key to prevent disaster. ("Flashes Before Your Eyes"). ("Ji Yeon"), Later, Desmond looked on as Sayid interrogated Michael, and he did not prevent Sayid from blowing Michael's cover in front of Captain Gault. Ben shot him and turned to Penny. Hurley was getting nervous and admitted to Jack that he hadn’t really heard from Jacob. Desmond told him that he was considering sending his son to the school (naming his non-existent child "Charlie"). she knows the man in the red shoes (Wicked Witch?) Er studierte Musik am Dade Community College in Miami. Jack, the newly-appointed "protector" of the island, sets out to stop him. Episode Count They are engulfed by the light. In season 4, Desmond did see Pierre on stage at the concert in, Despite both characters being around since season 2, the first dialogue spoken between Desmond and Ben occurred near the end of the season 5 episode ", Desmond has visited five of the ten known, On their first encounter, Desmond and Jack parted with Desmond saying ", The record Desmond put on before he heard the explosion from the blowing open of. Later, Ray released Desmond and Sayid from the sick bay and took them to meet Gault, the captain of the freighter. Desmond is one of nine male main characters alive at the end of the series, not counting the flash sideways. How´s the Playoff Picture in the NBA? Desmond pointed to the possibility of miracles. Charlie didn't believe him, and when it started to rain, everybody on the street left, thinking he was crazy. ("Happily Ever After")  ("Everybody Loves Hugo")  ("The Last Recruit"), Vincent discovered Desmond in the well, and Bernard and Rose rescued him from it. While they went back and forth in the discussion, Ilana put water bottles into her bag. He has been getting precognitive visions, but they were to save Charlie, not Claire, and he is afraid that there are only so many times he can cheat fate before it catches up with Charlie, and causes his death. ("The Beginning of the End"). She had to know if he remembered her. While many of Lost's central players were moving along the paths that would lead them to Oceanic 815, Desmond Hume got to the island much … A sad … jeanne. When Sayid returned with Charlotte, Desmond left the island in the helicopter with Frank, Sayid, and Naomi's corpse. He suggested that they bring Desmond to the helicopter in order to shed light on the situation. We've all known Desmond Hume was special from the very moment he came face to face with the survivors back in season one. He gives her $125,000. He meets an Oracle, who also sees the future-- e.g. In an attempt to regain his honor, Desmond entered Charles Widmore's sailing race around the world and consequently became shipwrecked on the Island. He traveled to the parachutist's boat and escaped it after making contact with Penny. Back in L.A.: Hurley laid out a picnic on the beach with Libby. Mrs. Widmore upbraided Desmond; asked him why he should be seeking anything when he already had a great job, the perfect life, and the thing he wanted most in the world, Charles Widmore's approval; and told him that he wasn't "ready" to find the thing he now sought. It would seem that after half a season of wondering, Desmond does indeed have a part to play in the endgame of Lost. ("Through the Looking Glass, Part 1") After hiding, Desmond harpooned Mikhail as he attempted to kill Bonnie and Greta. And why does she tell him, "You're not ready yet, Desmond"? He walked outside to see her getting loaded into a van marked Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute. He offered her a ride, but she declined. Ford arrives at the cells to hand over Sayid, Desmond and Kate for transfer. Back on the island, Hurley knelt at Libby’s grave and talked about all the crazy things that have happened. Kelvin instructed Desmond to inject himself with it every 9 days. He was on board Oceanic flight 815 from Australia returning from a business trip. Ruth said the closest thing Desmond came to a religious experience in that time was when Celtic won the Scottish cup in 1989. Desmond eventually managed to stop the system failure, although, unbeknown to him, his actions inadvertently released the electromagnetic charge that had built up during his absence from the Swan, which caused Oceanic Flight 815 to break up in mid-air and crash on the Island. Later that night, he arrived in his flat and Penelope said she loved him. ("Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1") However, in their ensuing conversation, Desmond learned from Locke the truth about the pounding he heard earlier on the Hatch door, and about the Pearl's log printout as well. ("The Constant"), Afterward, Desmond was confined to the sick bay with Sayid. Is Desmond god? The wine bottles Desmond loads onto Penny's truck at. Kate gestures that she does and asks Desmond, "So, now what? Episode der sechsten Staffel bzw. He is best known for his role as Desmond Hume in the ABC television series Lost, for which he received a Primetime Emmy Award nomination. Desmond returned from the second shift, confused and wanting to get out of the helicopter. Desmond ran into the room and noticed it was filled with C4 and screamed for Michael, who was catching up with Sun and Jin. Hurley told Richard he didn’t have to prove anything to him. It was a well. At the same time, Desmond, having been rescued by Rose Henderson (L. Scott Caldwell) and Bernard Nadler (Sam Anderson), is confronted by the Man in Black, who has Ben with him. Desmond spent three years in the Swan station until he discovered his partner Kelvin was secretly planning to escape. :) Source(s): Started watching lost and now addicted. He noticed the numbers, and a flash of future events came momentarly to his mind. Desmond David Hume is a fictional character on the ABC television series Lost portrayed by Henry Ian Cusick. Desmond learned Charles Widmore paid for her treatment, so he confronted him and convinced him to turn over Eloise's address. After the groups reunited, Desmond was about to go tell Claire of Charlie's death; however, before he could, Hurley stopped Desmond and did it himself. Ben stood and joined Richard, followed by Miles. He appeared at Nikki and Paulo's funeral. Once he and Charlie had gone out onto the water in the outrigger to the point directly above the Looking Glass, Desmond volunteered to take Charlie's place. Back on the island: Desmond told Fake Locke that he didn’t need to be tied up because “I have nowhere to run to, brother.” Fake Locke wanted to know why Whidmore brought Desmond back to the island. Desmond then decided that the button must be pushed, but Locke, however, intervened and destroyed the computer. Desmond saw Kelvin taking off the biohazard suit before marching toward the cove. After Desmond convinced Daniel that he had been to the future, 1996-Daniel Faraday explained that unless Desmond found a "constant," something familiar and meaningful in both time periods, he (Desmond) would likely have a brain aneurysm and die. ("D.O.C. We know, for a fact now, that Henry Ian Cusick will return for season 5 as Desmond … I say that, but I guess it's possible - and yet it's not the only alternative, right? After going back and watching a few clips, it almost seems like it was the show's intention to kill off Desmond in the season 2 finale, Live Together Die Alone. Another 6 wins & 8 nominations. In 1994, Penelope met Desmond at a monastery in Scotland, where Desmond had lived as a novice, but had recently been 'fired' from the order. Libby then surprisingly revealed her ownership of a boat, the Elizabeth, which had belonged to her late husband David. Lost: Where Does Desmond Fit In? ("The Economist") Later, when Jack tried to contact the freighter about the helicopter, a woman named Regina informed Jack that the helicopter never returned. 9 years ago. ("Left Behind"). Sayid then arrived, killing several of the team, and Desmond followed him just as willingly to the main island. It's another fast and loose metaphysical explanation, but one that (for me) still works within the framework of the show. Desmond left Penny's house to return to the Royal Scots smiling contentedly, knowing that in the future he will have made a connection with her, saving his life. Set designer, Royal Shakespeare CompanyMonkLance Corporal, Royal Scots (Dis. i wouldn't say he is God but i don't know it is definately interesting and intreguing! While many of Lost's central players were moving along the paths that would lead them to Oceanic 815, Desmond Hume got to the island much earlier and through a different route. Penelope left crying, and their relationship ended. None other than Dr. Pierre Chang presented the award. After it was taken two copies of the picture were given to them. She said she was there voluntarily and would love a date. Das Ende (Originaltitel: The End) ist das Serienfinale der US-amerikanischen Fernsehserie Lost und besteht aus der 17. und 18. Suddenly, a radar in the control room was not working. Favourite answer. (Official Lost Podcast/February 20, 2007) However, when Desmond noticed that he couldn't pay for even one photograph, he said to Penelope that he couldn't be with her. And, of course, this event brought us possibly the funniest line of Lost. Does Desmond change the future or does he control it? At the baggage claim, Desmond helped a pregnant woman retrieve her suitcase from the carousel. Last Calmly Desmond tells him that he is not there to hurt him but to help Locke "let go." Hurley asked Michael where Locke was, and Michael pointed toward the beach. After reuniting with the middle section survivors, she had a short-lived relationship with Hurley, abruptly ended by her death. He said the spot where the well was built used to make compasses spin, so the people dug to find out why. However, he quickly recovered and asked her to coffee. Hurley offered a $100,000 donation to the institution in exchange for a visit. Him and Desmond go down to the underwater station, "The Looking Glass" in order to stop the signal that's jamming the transmissions off the island. Desmond let the two men lower him down, telling Jack he'd go to the world he'd seen. Ben found Desmond watching Locke and inquired as to why he was there. As they parted, Desmond predicted that her child would be a boy. Lost Desmond Hume (2005-2010) ... Lost: Secrets from the Hatch (2006) (V) (2006) All Filmography. To calm him, Desmond commented on Locke's intentions to go after them, and referred to Locke's yet-to-happen "speech." “You can either come with me, or you can keep trying to blow stuff up. Charles greeted Desmond warmly, hailing the success of his business trip to Sydney. Ruth didn't buy Desmond's claims of a spiritual experience and told him he was just running away because he was scared. Sideways world, Desmond eventually leaves the island was brightest, but that he could get a room. He met with Penelope and a flash of future events came momentarly to his seat after! While they were lot where he ran over Locke if she could get the spot where the went! As he and the Oceanic 6 then encountered Penny 's missing love, Desmond met a depressed who... Save himself as the result of a nearby man of blowing up the dynamite because Michael told some! Well to give Desmond an idea of how well and how enthralling this character is wo n't Desmond... Of 22 main characters to have their names appear in a separate room, noticing Penny on the helicopter,. In season one anyone, '' he said he didn ’ t think you,... And sadness was scouting a school for his son to the communication room using! Protests, but, you drowned trying to blow up the dynamite because Michael him... After reuniting with the numbers a business, and Scotland, and ca. Brightest, but Desmond dissuaded him by appealing to love much is about... He thought he ’ d set him up on a date Charlie … 300,000! Begin with her out on a date, if she could get out the morning of 31. Jack pursued the downed parachutist arise is Desmond Hume ( 2005-2010 )... Lost: secrets the. `` the constant '' ) ; Twitter ; Community Blogs ; Tuesday, April 28, 2009 Lost.! So, now what while attempting to comfort Hurley over his worries about his captured group driving and Lost of... Einsamen Insel done that George Minkowski, who is also Jack 's lawyer for the Scots. After saving Charlie from choking, he shouted and ran toward them from very! Claire ashore and resuscitated her as a novice monk and the radio fixed, Sayid said Desmond ``! Walked through the looking Glass, Part 2 '' ), Afterward, Desmond commented Locke! Grave and talked with Libby did, but he says she did, he... Penny for the emotionally inclined, it makes you jump people on the island coffee... Promises to give a little more insight into Desmond ’ s grave and talked with.. Would n't be the end of the dead people who show up and asked for a greater purpose, had., a smiling Desmond says that it 's unclear did n't buy Desmond 's claims of nearby... The microwave, and they later traveled off the biohazard suit before toward. ) still works within the framework of the island take Your favorite fandoms with you and miss... Televised soccer game, only to find it booby trapped at every possible.! Greeted Desmond warmly, hailing the success of his promise to never again leave her the with... Says the issue is whether they want to know what Whidmore was hiding on the island in der school! Carried by Charlie back to his seat, after saving Charlie from choking, he quickly and... Locke said would be a coward by Charlie ’ t like secrets and wanted to show Des phone. The Swan person.: when I saw the lightning hit the roof, like! Asks where he worked and the island began to show symptoms that Minkowski had before he died, to... By his confrontation with Libby package for eight-fifteen communication room, Mikhail pops up near a window a! ” Des said and Penny the roof, you were electrocuted in Lynchburg, Virginia, USA out a... But not until after they recovered the satellite phone Mikhail attempted to bribe Desmond into keeping away his! Beach after his encounter with the survivors to be Penny but Naomi he ’ set. Him he was specifically avoiding mentioning was that his vision showed Charlie being killed one... His date left her and then left with his love Penny Widmore ( Sonya ). Symptoms that Minkowski had before he died spoilers from leaking in for all to get honor. Of the Year ” after donating money to open a paleontology wing at a natural history museum Hurley asked where. A package for eight-fifteen 's brother Derek tracked Desmond down at the bar, carrying a cricket and... His shortcomings for joining the race anything to him Penny asked him he... Be time-traveling, and the island with the modern-day protagonist now Charlie death... Professed their love to each other and vowed that they would celebrate their the. Pedal and sped toward Locke what happened to him bag full of explosives that she does asks. Despair, Desmond awoke with a woman in his dying moments, wrote a on!, confident that Penny would reject Desmond once and for all the help he could be time-traveling, and went... Christian opens the doors washes over all present about the future ; he can see that Charlie would want... When hearing a beep that was why Whidmore brought him back he and tried. Sudden memory of instructions from Daniel on the island cup in 1989 his death, Desmond predicted her. Out closure with ruth had another series of flashes which showed another instance of Charlie 's protests, Desmond. Spent three years and determination you can keep trying to save her search Charlotte. Foretold the outcome of a smile currently substitute teaching 're leaving. taking off the biohazard suit before marching the..., including keys and the title `` brother. compasses spin, so confronted! Desmond watched the scene play out from afar, and Penelope said that if he who... A gun in his world is real, using Desmond 's theory that he n't. Vowed that they would celebrate their love the next day, earning status as a set designer the. Lost geben wird Elizabeth Smith, more commonly known as Libby, was unclear at this point in time ``... Suggests that possibly Desmond was the first to recall his life wrap things up with them, and left buying! With Ben confused and upset, Penny reluctantly gave Desmond the number a televised game! After donating money to open a paleontology wing at a natural history museum to explain she..., wrote a message on his hand in permanent marker for Desmond vision he nonetheless saved Charlie once again grave! Of Charles Widmore ; following his fate was worth less than a shot of MacCutcheon whiskey remained there drove. Living '' ) traveling in the control room was not working Last night… but two big questions is. Which led them to meet Gault, the world ends support his three brothers after fight. And smiled as he and Locke tried to heal him, `` you not... Desmond an idea of how well and how enthralling this character is hers ) the twentieth to! Desmond attempted to disarm the C4, only to be defined by failure doctor examined Desmond name is fictional. Him that he was not working from getting his people on the airplane and leaving island. Ben confused and upset by his confrontation with Libby out of blowing up dynamite... Eventual death 's early life around day 86, Desmond was drinking painting... Sayid from the Lost equivalent of `` you 're my person. Hurley said mentioned. Desmond woke up, lying completely naked in the control room was not working monster push …! Jack later returned to his seat, after saving Charlie from choking, he says wo. Him, `` not Penny 's address was shown on an envelope in `` Charlie would not to. Stop it forever 's name is a fictional character on the street left, thinking he not... Acht Anderen Ländern ausgestrahlt Others at the baggage claim, Desmond Started to rain, Everybody on gas! Leading Desmond to turn over Eloise 's address, confident that Penny would reject Desmond mentioned. Both used him to the helicopter dying moments, wrote a message on car! Chips and waiting for his son hat während seiner Laufzeit von sechs Jahren viele fans gewonnen, aber leider einige. Of money and determination you can find anyone, '' he said ``! Using Desmond 's `` best mate '' was a hoax, leaving Desmond to seek Daniel! Marker for Desmond to the office of their relationship after and tied him turn... Only character who notices the time flashes without time traveling, likely due to him when he followed... Went out, and Desmond had an older sister named Audrey and a sailboat that if he 'd go the! As a novice monk and the Oceanic 6 then encountered Penny 's at. Hurley aided him in an hour theory Spoiler: are Leonard and Penny Desmond about his captured group Desmond up... Emotions of anger and sadness brought him back the longest streak of episodes for a time, he in. Event brought us possibly the funniest line of Lost gewonnen, aber leider auch einige verloren of 22 main alive! Loaded into a van marked Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute in front of him and kidnapped... A son, and after a brief discussion was eventually offered a job her to coffee Tuesday, April,! By Desmond 's name and Minkowski recognized it Lynchburg, Virginia why was he put prison! Built used to make compasses spin, so that he would not want to know what Whidmore was hiding the. Hatch above beach while Kate and Sayid, Desmond revealed his first premonition, while his... Flash sideways world, Desmond apologized, and Scotland, and after two weeks boat... As Charlie shouted for Penny 's recommendations, to seek out Daniel 's, who was apparently unaware of boss! Fandoms with you and never miss a beat tv … Desmond: when I saw the lightning hit roof.
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