Oh, and TheDawnRider, nice sig. i just cant see Vader being worse, or equal to Luke, at all, ever, at that point in time. 1 of 16 Go to page. Dezember 2004. Cavitation results in the erosion of metal components. I only know Starkiller from the game The Force Unleashed II. Now, could luke have beaten him in a duel anyhow? New Listing Master Replicas Star Wars Luke Skywalker ROTJ Lightsaber 1:1 Scale SW-102 LE. I will no longer serve a monster, and if I have my way I’ll make sure you don’t, either.” Vader tried to pull away, but the apprentice followed him, keeping him on the back foot. This is just going to be a rather brief update on the character's defenses, and whether or not they would have an affect on the outcome of my conclusion. Once again, I'd like to start with Luke, using feats from the movies, as well as a couple novels, such as Splinter of the Mind's Eye. Re: RotJ Darth Vader and RotJ Luke Skywalker vs SoD Darth Maul and Savage Opress. This seems to imply that Luke's telekinetic skills in Episode VI were on a level practically never before seen in the rest of the Star Wars saga. Jun 24, 2014 #1 This is Luke from RotJ. Problem with that is that unlike the handbooks, the comics and novels are completely up for interpretation. Go. The only notable individual that Maul clearly scales off is TCW season 4 Obi-Wan, and even that's debatable.. His former Master was trying to stand, feebly willing his massive bulk to move as it was supposed to. Meaning this version: At his prime (so sometime around where RoTJ would happen) Opponents: Obi-Wan (Ep. However in game even Sidious admits that Starkiller was always meant to be the one to take him down and was only stopped by Kota. Meaning this version: At his prime (so sometime around where RoTJ would happen) Opponents: Obi-Wan (Ep. The novels take precedence over the games as far as canon is concerned. Second, The only time Sidious was ever actually in pain as a result of Starkiller was when Starkiller grabbed Sidious' shoulders, channeling the Emperor's lightning back into himself. Rotj luke 16. Old man luke 19. “I understand you now,” he said, still trying to goad his former Master into breaking his concentration. Luke Skywalker RotJ v2 Lightsaber modeled in Maya, textured with Substance Painter and finally rendered with Arnold. he still has a chance tbh. Darth Vader fought brilliantly, never employing anything less than a killing stroke. Rotj luke 16. With a sense of piercing despair, he saw exactly how the fight would go. Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links. As far as static (unable to accept electronics) Luke ROTJ Hero replicas, the best are by a couple RPF members on here, Nicksdad, and Anakin Starkiller. He, on the other hand, had definitely struck a nerve. Starkiller was what Luke would have become if he had joined his father and chose the dark side of the force. Well NJO Luke obviously wins this, as a weaker version of Luke was close to a much stronger version of Sidious who is more powerful than Starkiller. Was that how your father treated you?”. Luke besiegt Vader,tötet ihn jedoch nicht,obwohl ihn der Imp dazu auffordert. You also have to think about how strong Starkiller could become in another 20 or 30 years. Follow 12638. Vader’s lightsaber moved too slowly to block a blow to his chest, allowing the apprentice’s blade to slash deeply across his armored throat. Luke/Anakin are at 100%. Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links. Well no actually. Also,es geht um den Kampf auf dem Todesstern in ROTJ. Old Ben luke 25. Seite 1 von 3 1 2 3 Weiter > Luke Starkiller Zivilist. Hatred would not be enough to turn the tables on Darth Vader. Beneath was the face of the man who had stolen and enslaved him, a pathetic, hairless thing covered in wrinkles and old scar tissue. Just as any good Jedi, Starkiller and Luke are capable of using the Force to augment their already substantial physical capabilities. show 7 replies . Do you mean Luke on bespin, Luke in Return of the Jedi, or Luke after he became grand master of the jedi order? 2018-12-11 22:33:28 Lennox C. The force is strong with this one!!! Indeed. Starkiller immediately recognizes him as "The son of Vader." it just never made sense to me, and it was always ridiculous to me. Starkiller makes a quick remark, sayung "so … His former Master barely blocked the blow. “You destroyed who I was and made me as I am now, but this wasn’t your idea. He lunged forward. Galen Marek or his clone Starkiller? He was the first to his feet, striding across the rubble to where Darth Vader lay face-forward, gravely wounded and stripped of his armor in places. RPF PREMIUM MEMBER. You have to separate the gameplay mechanics and liberties from the actual character of Galen Marek/Starkiller himself. Starkiller attacked the Dark Lord again, but this time he was the one driven back. $219.99 . Cuz, quite frankly, I don't think even Starkiller could kill Luke after he became grand master. „Armee hin oder her, Euch muss klar sein, dass Ihr verloren seid.“ Grievous zu Obi-Wan Kenobi (Quelle) Grievous, früher Qymaen jai Sheelal genannt, war ein großer Kriegsherr in seinem Volksstamm der Kaleesh, der vom Planeten Kalee stammte. Would you like to react to this message? One black glove clenched, and for a moment the apprentice’s throat closed tight. He whirled and danced around his Master’s defenses, testing them to their limits. A simple double stroke, up and then down, it contained enough power to jar his wrists and shoulders and very nearly disarm him completely. Luke kinda got his ass kicked there at the end of ROTJ (I'm gonna chalk that up to being exhausted and surprised) and I don't think someone with half his power would be able to pull that off. Yeah, Starkiller rolls with ridiculous ease. Watch Queue Queue. “You killed my father and kidnapped me from Kashyyyk, not just to be your apprentice, but to be a son to you. Luke vs Palpatine in ROTJ. You guys are both seriously sad. Level One. This is what I like the most, when I can make new things from ... Starkiller TFU2 stainless steel Lightsaber. I like it when people smile. Vader is said to be unparalleled in dueling even more than Yoda is, but yoda would skill kick his ass in a duel cuz of the same advantages luke had. Even if he's not equal to Vader in power, he's equal in sabers to a far more skilled and dangerous Vader than the one who held the upper hand against SK. MASTER YODA legendary fx Lightsaber. Luke Skywalker For sale is an Anakin Starkiller V2 hilt that has been weathered to accurately resemble the original prop. skill with the blade =/= agility in fighting. Canonically speaking, Marek also possesses the same potential as Palpatine, the strongest sith to ever live. He beat back the telekinetic attack with one of his own, shoving his Master in the chest with the force of a small explosion, throwing Darth Vader backward across the room. Okay, this is going to be a fairly long, unbiased, purely fact based decision on who would win between Luke Skywalker from Return of the Jedi and Starkiller from TFUII. That broke the momentum of the furious onslaught, enabling him to stand and catch his breath. The only real exceptions to this would be when Sidious is hurling senate pods at Yoda, and all of the times Luke uses the Force in Episode VI. 10 Responses to “Star Wars – Starkiller Base” ZZTRaider says:. I'll be paying the final balance this week and then they ship the parts over to me. He staggered backward and found himself at the center of a telekinetic storm. Invisible fists clutched for throats or punched with the power of pile drivers. He was a photo negative of Luke. If there were electronics added for the control box in 1983, then to my mind that means that the inside may very well have been hollow to accommodate batteries. So you think Starkiller would win because he was trained Yoda. When Luke yanks a blaster from a man's holster in Jabba's palace? Snowspeeder luke 18. anakin 106. Halliwax Legendary Member. For those of you who aren't familiar with the word "lascivious," let me give you the exact definition: "(of a person, manner, or gesture) feeling or revealing an overt and often offensive sexual desire." Seite 2 von 3 < Zurück 1 2 3 Weiter > Luke Starkiller Zivilist. Buy It Now. Luke  tbh. He blocked a savage slash that would have cut him in two and another that would have lifted his head. sorry, but im pretty dead set on this. yup. Galen Marek simply resisted Sidious' Force lightning long enough to grab him. At its core, the story features a young Annikin Starkiller, son of former Jedi Bendu Kane Starkiller, leaving their homew… 1 Star Wars the Force Unleashed 1.1 Xbox 360, PS3 and PC 1.2 PS2, PSP and Wii 2 Star Wars The Force Unleashed II Mara is a lot harder to peg. I would say RotJ Luke beats Galen 8/10. $1,995.00. The developers of the game made Starkiller keeping Luke in mind. doenst make him more skilled than Vader tho. He’s was to represent what would happen if Vader trained Luke. Followers. Luke quickly rebuffs this stating that his father was a Jedi and he was murdered by Vader. “I will kill you,” he said, “to set you free.” The lightsabers flashed again—and it was the apprentice who found the chink in the armor that both of them had been waiting for. Debris rained everywhere. Maybe Fighter B was just cocky, or maybe he lost because the plot needed him to lose. This being the case, the ILM workshop was well known to have made great use of Humbrol brand paints. RotJ Luke pretty handily beat Vader while actively trying not to hurt him. Great figure. idk if Luke is equal to Vader in skill either, but all things point to luke > Starkiller, so ill say luke too. of course. You know, I keep thinking about the fact that the Hero Skywalker ROTJ hilt was one of the few created in-house, in the US, vs. in the UK. There was no blood. Instead, writer/director George Lucas initially intended the character to be named Luke Starkiller. Luke after he got beat up by random yetti luke 21. upside down luke 22. However, it has been shown that he can defend himself against telekinetically hurled objects, in Splinter of the Mind's Eye. Mace Windu Legend Lightsaber 24K gold. Free shipping. Starkiller (TFU II) vs Luke Skywalker (ROTJ) Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links. Support the community. Reasons of why Luke wins or why i think starkiller is wanked a lot? TFU I novel is a somewhat different than the game. But you know what, let's move on, since you seem equally quick to throw out the TFU 2 fight. Lord Starkiller may have defeated a lesser experienced and skilled Luke, but I doubt he would have the same level of success with ROTJ Luke. or Best Offer +$30.00 shipping. EmperorSidious2. When Luke lifts C-3PO in the Ewok village? Watch; Star Wars Darth Vader ROTJ MPP V6 Graflex Skywalker lightsaber hilt prop set. Myself i think Luke would take it. Mace Windu Legend Lightsaber 24K gold. First, their physical strength. Luke being in Kenobi's place yet not the one who begins the fight. Even if he's not equal to Vader in power, he's equal in sabers to a far more skilled and dangerous Vader than the one who held the upper hand against SK. In other words, Sidious was taking pleasure from it, rather than being honestly injured. Watch; Star Wars Darth Vader ROTJ MPP V6 Graflex Skywalker lightsaber hilt prop set. DE Luke. TFU 2 Vader > Starkiller: “You grab your sabers and attack, but Vader is too powerful. The Force wrenched him into the air, as he had once lifted the apprentice’s father, and a barrage of missiles struck at him with increasing strength. KMC Forums > Star Wars > Star Wars: Literature & Expanded Universe > Star Wars Versus Forum > Starkiller (TFU II) vs Luke Skywalker (ROTJ) MasterAshenVor . As for ROTJ Luke vs Vader, are there quotes from sources other than blurbs putting them as equals? Only ugliness and pain would hide itself away for so long. Starkiller vs. DE Luke Skywalker. The Merchant. I think Luke takes this one via experience and versatility in Force hax. LOL!!!! The transparisteel dome shattered. at that time, luke was faster and much more agile, and trained to fight against Vader specifically, while Vader was cocky and thought the fight wouldve been easy as kark. Luke Skywalker (ROTJ) vs the Exile. The apprentice vowed not to give him one. ..I guess I was wrong about the training then, sorry for the ignorance. Yeah, I think starkiller is very close to Yoda in power. There's sources and visual proof. Once again, we see no brief rumble. Anakin Starkiller Master Member. (I know some will say that there could have been watch batteries in the control box. ", Ah I see, I was thinking of the passage from Dooku's SW profile, Oh no im on ignore?! The son of a Jedi Knight, Kento Marek and a young Jedi freedom fighter named Mallie, Galen Marek was born with an extremely powerful connection to the Force. 0. Anger flared. Luke with bespin outfit shooting blaster luke 23. by Venomous Prime » Mon May 04, 2009 3:01 am . In that novel, Vader hurled a massive chunk of stone at Luke, and, on pure instinct, Luke countered by telekinetically launching a stone of his own to deflect the larger one. Luke best Vader by tapping into the dark side and giving into Force rage, yes - but before even doing that, him and Vader dueled as perfect equals with the narrative suggesting that Luke held back to some degree. 4 years ago. I believe this is a sign that the character is concentrating on the object, beginning to get a grip on it through the Force. I'm not disrespecting you in any way..I'm arguing my stance.. and as for Sidious not using his saber, he might just have underestimated Starkiller. Luke with bespin outfit shooting blaster luke 23. Who is the superior one? he was still mentally 'hindered'. I stand corrected. He knew the intimacies of his refined version of Djem So, a fighting style that incorporated elements of Ataru, Soresu, and Makashi. Theres a source that directly states that Starkiller is no match for the Emperor. Not by a longshot. Poe Dameron war ein menschlicher Pilot des Widerstandes.Als Sohn zweier Rebellen des Galaktischen Bürgerkrieges kämpfte er rund 30 Jahre später unter General Leia Organa gegen die Erste Ordnung und galt als einer ihrer besten Piloten, weshalb er unter dem Codenamen Schwarz Anführer sowohl die Rot-als auch die Blau-Staffel befehligte. Danke @alle für eure Meinungen. Yes. Create an account in a few clicks or log in to continue. when Vader had specifically geared his fighting style to defend against him. Personally, I wouldn't call Galen's victory over TFU I Vader a stomp. Luke is technically a Padawan learner at this point without a Master. trance mound-maker. The Force Unleashed 2 wrote:Starkiller swore that he would not give in to anger or frustration. The Jedi Killer Kylo Ren Lightsaber. If Lucas tells me Starkiller is no match then I'm fine with that. R2 not telling Luke about stuff is a problem that exists on its own just within the films. A better way to kill … Not out of hatred. Also, I am not convinced that the Luke ROTJ hero saber was entirely solid. im not saying Vader wasnt trying his hardest, but it doenst necessarily mean he was at his best either. Here are the pics that the shop sent over. Luke Skywalker vs. Starkiller Thread starter trance; Start date Jun 24, 2014; Status Not open for further replies. Luke luke 24. that would imply that Vader with his mental 'hindrences' would be equal to him in a perfect state, which is obviously not the case. RPF PREMIUM MEMBER. The only emotion he would give in to was love. Brand New. I don't know what happened to Luke later in the books, but he couldn't have beaten Starkiller by the end of ROTJ. Finally, some real blood was flowing. All you asked about was power, obviously in sabers Yoda pwns. ... (Starkiller Base) Electronic Lightsaber (BLUE) Official sources > Your interpretation of events. Luke wins sabers but due to inferior Force mastery and powers, he loses. Starkiller TFU2 stainless steel Lightsaber. Luke was an astronimically better duelist by ROTJ, he was a more talented practicioner of the Force, and his powers in the Force rivaled Galen Marek. Yoda pwns in Lightsabers that is for sure. It's as if the action is totally effortless for him. He thought he was ready—and so the sheer severity of the opening blow took him by surprise. To take the term literally, it means that you aren't even a worth a 'match' (or to seriously compete with) becuase it's so obvious that you'd lose. I’m not sure I’d call the second Death Star in RotJ a mistake. And if you would prefer to go with the games for canon, Sidious didn't defend himself from any of Starkiller's attacks (unless you were playing PS2), and when it was all over, Starkiller was still a smoldering corpse, while Sidious still walked away totally uninjured. Later, visiting Yoda, Luke says "So I am a Jedi." III) Ventress and Oppress (TCW) Darth Maul (TCW) Anakin (pre-Mustafar) Luke (Ep.VI) for the luke scenario just assume that starkiller doesn't off … Starkiller vs Luke Skywalker # Starkiller Why did a lot of people vote for Luke. After killing rebel alliance soldiers and Wampas in Hoth, Starkiller encounters Luke. No, I meant to say that I feel Starkiller would win even though he AND Luke received training from Yoda. But Yoda was supposed to be teh most uber Jedi ever! Their lightsabers danced, blurring and sweeping and shedding sparks in a way that would have been beautiful had their intent not been so deadly. Starkiller (TFU II) vs. ROTJ Luke Skywalker (Lightsabers only) GeorgeWBush. The apprentice stood over him with his lightsaber upraised and ready to strike. G-Canon (Star Wars Database) > C-Canon (game content). @Dark_Wing,what can you say to the people that voted for Luke. Enraged Luke … Dieses Thema im Forum "Episode IV bis VI" wurde erstellt von Luke Starkiller, 5. I know Luke said that but at the same time there are sources that say RotJ Luke was equal to RotJ Vader if not above him. The apprentice felt the wild, joyous energies of the dark side flowing through him and he resisted its call, seeking a better way to finish the job. When he rolled over, the apprentice froze. 0. Luke as of, at least ROTJ, wipes the floor with Starkiller. Sure, he has Yoda and Obi-Wan, but not in the sense like Anakin had Obi-Wan or Obi-Wan had Qui-Gon. Haha, I love the fact that you have to revert back to childish name calling in order to make a point Jinsoku. “I pity you.” With a new strength of his own, he forced Darth Vader onto his back foot. That's abundantly clear from every source, from Lucas to secondary material. Go. Hopefully Hasbro is making an all new ROTJ Luke. He had borne the brunt of many psychological battles. Star Wars (retroactively titled Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope) is a 1977 American epic space-opera film written and directed by George Lucas, produced by Lucasfilm and distributed by 20th Century Fox.It stars Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Peter Cushing, Alec Guinness, David Prowse, James Earl Jones, Anthony Daniels, Kenny Baker and Peter Mayhew. Glancing over Darth Vader’s shoulder, he saw the Emperor watching the duel, his face screwed up in malevolent delight. Even his name ‘Starkiller’ was supposed to be Luke’s name in Lucas’s early drafts. It was the Emperor’s, and it’s what he’s already done to you.” A strip of Darth Vader’s cape fluttered away, smoking. Not to mention the whole idea of the fight was Luke defeating Vader and Sidious through compassion, not overwhelming power. The lord of hunger. Floors tipped underfoot; severed beams stabbed like javelins; overloaded circuits exploded. SK does seem to be smarter, has the better abilites, his skill with the force is better, and he has much greater experience and training. Aber was wäre passiert,hätte Luke den Imp wirklich getötet? Darth Vader reeled backward, servos whining in his injured limbs and lightsaber shaking. Even when he snaps, he's clearly trying to hurt but not kill Vader - he could just as easily have executed him as cut off his hand. you know, "Ultimately Starkiller was no match for Darth Sidious" could mean on that day, or just BARELY not a match. Only the eyes showed the slightest signs of life: blue and full of pain, they stared up at him with undisguised, from the engine could be due to problems with the transmission. I don't see how Luke can defend himself against what SK will throw at him. “You are his creature just as I was yours—but you’ve never had the strength to rebel. The apprentice stared directly into the black eye guards of his former Master. The chosen ones, more powerful than anyone has ever seen, etc. First, that fight was gameplay only, never happened in the novels. “You are weak,” the apprentice said as his former Master launched a second series of bonecrushing blows, each one of which he blocked with elegant precision. Darth Vader’s helmet had been ripped away by the blast. 1; 2; 3 … Go to page. I think the whole bit with it being intended as a trap and the charge time of the weapon being improved to be an effective weapon against the Rebel capitol ships is a … Reply. The Empire also had plans of enslaving them. Pre-Owned. Typically (but not exclusively), this happens at the, and in their second he won while utterly exhausted. 1-He is the Match of Vader in lightsaber combat, The apprentice knew exactly what to expect. Dezember 2004. Luke Honestly, While Lord Starkiller did Kill Vader and Defeat Luke in his DLC Route, it's Important to note for Vader that was him during the Events Between Episode 3 and Episode 4 meaning that he Overwhelmed and Defeated a Vastly Weaker Vader thatn the Vader we see by the Events of ROTJ and he Defeated an Inexperienced Luke who hadn't gone to Train with Yoda yet during the Events of Episode 2 and is Vastly Weaker to the Luke … Reaching out with his left hand, he blasted his Master with Sith lightning. Here is the source: Official Star Wars Databank, Very well then, NJO Luke Wins. Luke luke 24. He raised his gloved hands to defend himself, but the battery continued until, with a crash, the apprentice ripped the energy field generator in the center of the room right out of the floor and hurled it at his former Master. Whatever lay beneath that black mask, it wasn’t beauty or happiness. Discussion board for Star Wars versus matchups and related topics. I don't buy that they are twice as powerful as Yoda/Palapatine. 1) Sidious Told Starkiller that Starkiller was the one that was always meant to destroy him. Personally I'm rooting for Starkiller especially since he was also trained by Yoda for a bit but I want to know what the rest of you people think. Like I said, Luke has conflict but is aware of it, he can control it to an extent, Anakin could not whatsoever as seen in the films. he still has a chance tbh. I recall George Lucas saying that Luke is the most powerful Jedi ever. And there were ways to fight that didn’t involve lightsabers. As for Starkiller vs Vader, that's a another can of worms intirely. If that’s the case, I’m willing to wait it out rather than see another repaint of the 2015 ROTJ Luke in an Archive wave. but for now I stand by the fact of what I saw in The Force Unleashed. Starkiller was designed as Luke Skywalker's photo-negative, and is named after "Annikin Starkiller" (Luke or Anakin Skywalker's original name in the early Star Wars scripts). This has been weathered with Trooper Trent’s stencils, aluminum black, black and brown enamel paint. ... to be more impressive than ROTJ Luke fighting on even ground with ROTJ Vader. Then the apprentice straightened and, with a sweep of his left arm, blew the missiles away. Now, before I mention Luke's telekinetic feats in Episode VI, I would just like to point out something.
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