It's the human you threw in the cell across from me, isn't it? A narrow confining room, as in a prison or convent. He tossed the cell on the side of the road. The cell reproduced and the organism grew. In Hydra the odcyte is a large amoeboid cell, which sends out pseudopodia amongst the odgonia and absorbs nutriment from them. a solid mass of cells, formed by cell division in all directions of space. Returning to the cell, she used the long-sleeved shirt to wipe the blood off her body quickly and then to clean the blades of the weapons she snatched off the ground. He went to the only portal that glowed black --the portal to Hell --and stepped from the shadow world into the tiny, dark cell holding his friend. The size of a given muscle depends upon the number of cells that it contains. Many prokaryotic cells also have cilia, tails, or other ways in which the cell can control its movement. This cell phone sure is hot stuff. "Here ye go," the old man said, handing her a cell phone. She eyed the door at the end of the hall, then her cell, and turned 360. Surprised, he crossed to the bars of his cell but found the whole wall disappeared when he touched it. The bump jarred the cell phone loose, and it fell in the space between the seat and door. No cell phone activity on either Jessi or her cousin. Sometimes he could see out into the hallway and the empty cell across from his; sometimes he couldn't. She grabbed her cell phone from the floor and dialed 911. She stared with surprise at the low growl from the darkened cell across from her. He shielded his eyes and gazed into an empty prison cell opposite his. This seriously affects the e.m.f. 868. 2. The lateral union of the branches to form a solid thallus is not, however, so common, nor is it carried to so high a pitch of elaboration as in the Rhodophyceae. As an example of a fairly constant cell we may take that of Daniell, which consists of the electrical arrangement - zinc zinc sulphate solution copper sulphate solution copper, - the two solutions being usually separated by a pot of porous earthenware. These layers arc secreted by the protoplasm by the direct apposition of substances on those already in existence; and they may go on increasing in thickness, both by apposition and by the intussusception of particles probably carried in through the protoplasmic fibres, which penetrate the cell-wall as long as the cell lives. Toby bounced to his feet. Hartog, The Dual Force of the Dividing Cell, Proc. Only the two gran it will take to put the lines down this way, and cell phone reception is unreliable. cent; the male cell may be motile or non-motile. Any cell phone intercepts on why he's in town? Rhyn stretched out on the ground of his cell to stare at the ceiling. 4. The human had spent most of the evening pacing around the cell, trying to make some sense of everything, stopping only briefly to eat, in an effort to soak up all the alcohol. As Toby watched, Ully stuck his hand out of the cell and placed it on the wall. 1. Used in the Middle of Sentence. Turn your cell phone on and ignore the land line. He would stay in this holding cell on the outskirts of Hell until Sasha figured out some new grueling punishment. Protoplasmic Continuity.Except in the unicellular plants the cell is not an independent unit. A text drew her attention to the cell phone. Vara pulled her body towards him until she cleared the cell then lifted her. Thus during the six days of the week the Therapeutae "philosophized," each in his own cell, but on the Sabbath they met in a common assembly, where women also had places screened off from the men, and listened to a discourse from one who was the eldest and most skilled in their doctrines. In other cases, again, a group of two or four prismatIl cells takes the place of the apical cell. The leaf consists of a central midrib, several cells thick, and two wings, one cell thick. He didn't answer, pushing the door open to the cell block. He agreed with Pasteur that the presence of living cells is essential to the transformation of sugar into alcohol, but dissented from the view that the process occurs within the cell. P and the pleriblem Pb. The electromotive force of each cell is 2.14 volts, and the resistance 4. ohms. In order that the current should be maintained, and the electromotive force of the cell remain constant during action, it is necessary to ensure that the changes in the cell, chemical or other, which produce the current, should neither destroy the difference between the electrodes, nor coat either electrode with a non-conducting layer through which the current cannot pass. Brandon shoved a hand between the cushions and fished out the cell. The female gametophyte is extremely reduced; there is a sexual apparatus of naked cells, one of which is the egg-cell which, after fusion with a male cell, divides to form a large siispensorial cell and a terminal embryo. But it is certain that it can only be present in a cell in very small amount at any moment, for an extremely dilute solution acts as a poison to protoplasm. During his stay at Manresa, he lived for the most part in a cell at the Dominican convent; and here, evidently, he had severe illnesses. She glanced toward the dark cell and saw the silver eyes flash dangerously. Yeah. The heavy, musty scent of earth was contained within a four-by-four-foot cell, not even large enough for him to lie down. This increases the resistance of the electrolytic cell. Jared stood in the cell, covered in blood. A single cell may be a complete organism in itself, such as a bacterium, or it may acquire a specialized function, becoming a building block of a multicellular organism. I GPS tagged my cousins' cell phones and wallets. That evening at home they were eating supper when Jonathan again asked Alex if he could get a cell phone. The of the evolution of the ganglioncells is probably similar; an epithelial cell develops processes of nervous nature from the base, which come into connexion with the bases of the sensory cells, with the muscular cells, and with the similar processes of other nerve-cells; next the nerve-cell loses its connexion with the outer epithelium and becomes a sub-epithelial ganglion-cell which is closely connected with the muscular layer, conveying stimuli from the sensory cells to the contractile elements. The stage was designed to imitate a prison, 17. A large nematocyst, with everted thread, is seen in the right-hand ectodermal cell. of mercury, in which stands a stout zinc rod. The door opened. His long time friend, the assassin, was bloodied and unconscious. Before I could respond, my cell phone played a Chopin etude. She was curled up on the bed, sobbing. This investigator held that the decomposition of the sugar molecules takes place outside the cell wall. The elementary unit of plant structure, as of animal structure, is the cell. They have locked the prisoners up in their, 29. The supply of oxygen to a plant is thus seen to be as directly connected with the utilization of the energy of a cell as is that of food concerned in its nutrition. Toby stepped out of the cell and closed it. When such a tube is inserted in series with a single voltaic cell and galvanometer it is found that the resistance of the tube is nearly infinite, provided the filings are not too tightly squeezed. An account of the structure of plants naturally begins with the cell which is the proximate unit of organic structure. Her cell rang, and she recognized her doctor's number. She awoke on the lower bunk bed in a prison cell with no windows and a tiny metal toilet and sink. Pulling the cell phone from the holster on her side, she called Felipa. Xander tossed him the cell, and Darian strode out of the barn. Sentences; cell-division; Cell-division sentence examples. +1~ ii 1n a, Antipodal cell; sp, polar nuclei; eing e sma er. When these conditions are present, the course of the growth of a cell appears to be the following: The young cell, immediately it is cut off from its fellow, absorbs water, in consequence of the presence in it of osmotically active substances. "I know where to find one," Rhyn said, his thoughts going to the Ancient healer that had been a prisoner in Sasha.s zoo in Hell across the hall from his own cell. "Oh, thank gods," Ully said from the cell across from Toby. Her cell phone had no signal, her head throbbed, and the coffee pot was empty. He escaped by sawing through the bars of his. The nucleus was definitely recognized in the plant cell by Robert Brown in 1831, but its presence had been previously indicated by various observers and it had been seen by Fontana in some animal cells as early as 1781. What about this cell phone thing with Jonathan? The reunited current was then led through another cell C, in which the strength of the current must be the sum of those in the arms A and B. Faraday found that the mass of substance liberated at the electrodes in the cell C was equal to the sum of the masses liberated in the cells A and B. of all these experiments may be summed up in the statement that the amount of chemical action is proportional to the quantity of electricity which passes through the cell. Ully called from the cell across the narrow hallway. A, Cell (individual) of the unicellular Green Alga Pleurococcus, as an example of an undifferentiated autonomous assimilating cell. Later Carmen and Alex had explained to Jonathan that he was too young for the responsibility of a cell phone. Many of the lower forms of Brown Seaweeds (Phoeophyceae) have a thallus consisting of simple or branched cell threads, as in the green and red forms. 124. Suddenly, she smiled and grabbed her cell phone. These include cell walls and the various stored products found in growing cells. He took up his residence in Avila, where he had built a convent; and here he resumed the common life of a friar, leaving his cell in October 1497 to visit, at Salamanca, the dying infante, Don Juan, and to comfort the sovereigns in their parental distress. Considered thermodynamically, voltaic cells must be divided into reversible and non-reversible systems. She scrambled toward the back of the cell, huddling with Lankha in a corner. U, Absorbing cell, with process (root-hair) from piliferous layer of root of Phanerogam. he asked. The root-hair end~ blindly and is simply an outgrowth from a surface cell, havin~ no cross-walls. Examples of 'cell' in a sentence cell. pit-threads and wail-threads may occur in the same cell, but more often the threads are limited to the pits. In many of the Fungi the non-motile male cell or nucleus is carried by means of a fertilizing tube actually into the interior of the egg-cell, and is extruded through the apex in close proximity to the egg nucleus. (scientific theory of living things) théorie cellulaire nf nom féminin: s'utilise avec les articles "la", "l'" (devant une voyelle ou un h muet), "une". 's cell, from which through an opening in the wall he could see the celebration of mass while too ill to leave his bed. The sounds of Rhyn slamming his body into his cell and snarling awoke her sometime later. Most cellular activity occurs within the cytoplasm. Ashley wasn't in the room, though Jessi recognized some of her cousin's things: a pink cell phone charger, a backpack that yawned open to reveal clothes, the stack of colorful beaded bracelets on the arm of the couch. 4. 3. Remembering her cell phone, she reached for it. Since the final state of the system would be the same as in the actual processes of the cell, the same amount of heat must give a measure of the change in internal energy when the cell is in action. Facing the castle, on the western side of the pill, stand the considerable remains of Monkton Priory, a Benediction house founded by Earl William Marshal as a cell to the abbey of Seez or Sayes in Normandy, but under Henry VI. He heard Hannah crying and smelled the unmistakable scent of human blood before he took a step onto the block. Plcotrachelus causes the invaded Pilobolus to swell up, and changes the whole course of its cell metabolism, and similarly with Plasmodiophora in the roots of turnips, and many other cases. Pulling the cell phone from her purse, she tried calling Mr. O'Hara. plants do not appear to be permanent organs of the cell. Toby looked his direction the best he could through the bars of his cell and saw the walls around the dark cell shake. She.d last seen him in Hell, where they shared a cell together. They are spherical, oval, fusiform, or rod-like, and are always found in the cytoplasm, never in the cell-sap. Menu. In series with the tube is placed a single voltaic cell and a telegraphic relay, and Marconi added certain coils placed across the spark contacts of the relay to prevent the local sparks affecting the coherer. Thenard stated that yeast was the cause of fermentation, and held it to be of an animal nature, since it contained nitrogen and yielded ammonia on distillation, nor was it conclusively proved that the yeast cell was the originator of fermentation until the researches of C. Cagniard de la Tour, T. Traube (1858), the active cause of fermentation is due to the action of different enzymes contained in yeast and not to the yeast cell itself. She fished the cell out of her purse and frowned. Baffled, Toby shrugged and moved to the bars of his cell, looking to Ully for help. The primitive cell sends colorless tubelets (rhizoids, rh.) The uppermost is a purely muscular cell from the sub-umbrella; the two lower are epidermo-muscular cells from the base of a tentacle; the upstanding nucleated portion forms part of the epidermal mosaic on the free surface of the body. The Leclanche is of the ordinary type, and each cell has an electromotive force of I 64 volts and a resistance of 3 to 5 ohms (according to the size of the complete cell, of which there are three sizes in use). The increase in surface of the cell wall is thus duefirstly to the stretching caused by turgidity, and secondly to the formation and deposition of new substance upon the old. The male gametophyte is sometimes represented by a transitory prothallial cell;, the two male cells are carried passively down into the ovary and into the mouth of the ovule by means of the pollen-tube. cell theory n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. cell division in a sentence The way it regulates cell division is by stopping DNA from duplicating. Rarely the nephridium does not communicate with the coelom; in such cases the nephridium ends in a single cell, like the "flame cell" of a Platyhelminth worm, in which there is a lumen blocked at the coelomic end by a tuft of fine cilia projecting into the lumen. The change that is required to transform Exopterygota into Endopterygota is merely that a cell of hypodeimis should proliferate inwards instead of outwards, or that a minute hypodermal evaginated bud should be forced to the interior of the body by the pressure of a contracted cuticle. he asked. Russia's FSB detains three Hizb ut-Tahrir ringleaders in Crimea ROSTOV-ON-DON, January 12. The end of the cell is slightly swollen, fitting on to the similar swollen end of the next leptoid of the row exactly after the fashion of a trumpet-hypha. (animal, human, plant) " She was put in a jail cell. " Externally is a thin cuticle; this covers the epidermis, which consists of a syncytium with no cell limits. Deidre dug through her purse as she walked and pulled out her cell, thrilled to see she had battery power. I wish you would make an effort to be available on your cell phone when we're apart. 7. The Fuller bichromate battery consists of an outer jar containing a solution of bichromate of potash and sulphuric acid, in which a plate of hard carbon is immersed; in the jar there is also a porous pot containing dilute sulphuric acid and a small quantity (2 oz.) Thus, the thermal equivalent of the unit of resultant electrochemical change in Daniell's cell is 5.66 - 3.00 =2.66 calories. Memon's lifeless body was wedged between the bars of one cell. After an hour-long attempt to expel his wired energy, he returned to his room to the sound of his cell phone ringing. In the Florideae, Lichens and Laboulbenjaceae the, male cell is a non-motile spermatium, which is carried to the female organ. Contrary, however, to the experience of others, he has never found that the attraction-spheres play an important part in direct cell-division, or, indeed, that they exert any influence whatever upon the mechanism of the process. He strode down the block and paused in front of Hannah's cell. By the segmentation of the fertilized egg, now invested by cell-membrane, the embryo-plant arises. He took his time going back to the cell block. x.; The Cell Structure of the Cyanophyceae, Proc. "Not in the slightest. Each fibre is formed by the outgrowth of a single epidermal cell of the testa or outer coat of the seed. A totally reflecting prism placed inside the glass cylinder projects the light which penetrates the film upon a selenium cell situated at the end of the cylinder. He retreated to his cell and sat against the wall again, troubled by a familiar feeling of helplessness. The spore-cell multiplies by division, while the enveloping cell is nutrient and protective. For a more detailed description of the cell see CYTOLOGY and the section on Cytology of Plants below). The cell theory so far as it relates to plants was established by Schleiden in 1838. The cell sap contains various substances in solution such as sugars, inulin, alkaloids, glucosides, organic acids and various inorganic salts. Cytoplasm is a highly organized solution that is inside each cell. After fertilization the female cell, now called the oospore, divides and part of it develops into the embryo (new sporophyte), which remains dormant for a time still protected by the ovule which has developed to become the seed. Cell definition: A cell is the smallest part of an animal or plant that is able to function independently.... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Dictionary ! Let us take another example where we need to convert texts into a lower case. Rhyn awoke from the island dreamscape in the shadow world. See more. /TASS/. Embryos grow by cell division . I tried to call you on your cell phone, but I didn't get an answer. It may also take place where rapid proliferation of the cell is going on, as in the budding of the Yeast plant. plural of cell.. More Examples. The bars of her cell dissipated at his command, and she stepped into the hall. 7. Looking for sentences with "stem cell"? turn to a cell mass, the individual units of which are at first quite uniform. This has a strong attraction for basic aniline dyes, and can usually be distinguished from other parts of the cell which are more easily colored by acid anilines. Two went to Damian's cell and opened the door. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Jake slid into the passenger seat beside her, pulling out his cell as he did. In Caulerpa the imitation of a higher plant by the differentiation of fixing, supporting and assimilating organs (root, stem and leaf) from different branches of the single cell is strikingly complete. We were startled by the ring of my cell phone. Today, the cell across from his wasn't empty. The cytoplasm is largely concerned in the formation of spindle fibres and centrosomes, and such structures as the cell membrane, cilia, or flagella, the coenocentrum, nematoplasl~ or vibrioids and physodes are also products of its activity. A cell is defined as the smallest unit of an organism with a nucleus. Ex : fille - nf > On dira "la fille" ou "une fille". Thus, if L denote the heat corresponding with the chemical changes associated with unit electric transfer, Le will be the heat corresponding with an electric transfer e, and will also be equal to the change in internal energy of the cell. The Cell Theory.For a general and historical account of the cell theory see CYTOLOGY. When the zinc and copper plates are connected through a wire, a current flows, the conventionally positive electricity passing from copper to zinc in the wire and from zinc to copper in the cell. This is fortunate as the cell is a "dirty" one to handle and is expensive to maintain. Their walls are thin but distinct, and consist of a single layer of cells. the framework of the fabric of the cell, and the construction of a continuously increasing skeleton; part is used in maintaining the normal temperature of the~plant, part in constructing various substances which are met with in the interior, which serve various purposes in the working of the vital mechanism. Rhyn opened a portal, and they crossed through to Gabe's cabin in the underworld. In 1902, an American named Walter Sutton noticed that chromosomes duplicated themselves before cell s divided so that each new cell had a full copy of the chromosomes. Sentence Examples. I know the motel where they are staying so the cell phone I've already discarded wasn't necessary. If you're in a hurry connect to the cafe's modern online ordering system via your laptop or cell phone. another shouted as he scoured the gutters around the church. Hunt worked on molecules that function like an engine for cell division. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. In other forms such as Elodea, Nitella, Chara, &c., where the cytoplasm is mainly restricted to the periphery of the sap vacuole and lining the cell wall, the streaming movement is exhibited in one direction only. It is probable that most, if not all, the metabolic changes which take place in a cell, such as the transformation of starch, proteids, sugar, cellulose; and the decomposition -of numerous other organic substances which would otherwise require a high temperature or powerful reagents is also due to their activity. How To Use Cell In A Sentence? Memon ignored him, darting into the cell where the unconscious Rissa lay. In addition to the cell types described, it is a very common occurrence in these bulky forms for rhizoid-like branches of the cells to grow out, mostly from the cells at the periphery of the medulla, and grow down between the cells, strengthening the whole tissue, as in the Rhodophyceae. He was probably upset that she didn't answer her cell phone, but he had given her strict orders not to use it when she was driving. The whole cavity of the cell is sometimes stuffed with proteid contents. We need to convert the entire text into an upper case. ‘Each cell has a base station that transmits and receives signals over just a small fraction of the frequencies to which the network operator has access.’ ‘As the initiated say, in telecommunications lies not only cell and telephone issues but also broadcasting and now Internet.’ He strode to Toby's cell and dangled the talisman before it. He showed that all the organs of plants are built up of cells, that the plant embryo originates from a single cell, and that the physiological activities of the plant are dependent upon the individual activities of these vital units. 606. This text is mixed with both lower and upper case letters. But even when inside it does not follow that the Fungus can kill the cell, and many cases are known where the Fungus can break throtigh the cells first lines of defence (cell-wall and protoplasmic lining); but the struggle goes on at close quarters, and various degrees of hypertrophy, accumulation of plastic bodies or secretions, discolorations, &c.,, indicate the suffering of the still living cell. If the chemical changes which occur in the cell were allowed to take place in a closed vessel without the performance of electrical or other work, the change in energy would be measured by the heat evolved. She moved to the bars at the front of her cell, aware of the beast across the hall doing the same with a growl. He crossed through the shadow world to the beach of the Caribbean Sanctuary. The whole of the tissue of the plant is formed by the division of this apical cell. In this respect the plasma behaves in a similar manner towards the sugars as does the living yeast cell. Cell, in biology, the basic membrane-bound unit that contains the fundamental molecules of life and of which all living things are composed. In the Thallophytes the cytoplasm may be segmented by constriction, due to the in-growth of a new cell wall from the old one, as in Spirogyra and Cladophora, or by the formation of cleavage furrows in which the new cell-wall is secreted, as occurs in the formation of the spores in many Algae and Fungi.
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